[CS:GO] Chiba Ch!ba (steam: Chiba Ch!ba)

  • Hello community ! 8o
    I am Chiba Ch!ba, but you can call me Chiba :thumbsup: . In real life, my name is Baptiste. I live in France, precisely in the region of "Ile-de-France" in Essonne at a little town near Paris. It is in the middle of the France. I'm 16 years old soon 17 (i was born on 13/10/1999). I'm still in school, precisely in highschool and i'll be starting my last year after those summer hollidays. After that, i'd love to work in the communication's sector.

    That was my personal information, now my gaming career:
    The first game i played on a computer was age of empire 2. But i played a lot on my GameCube (and i still play on it) on which i used to play my first fps game : medal of honor frontline. At a time, i couldn't play like i wanted because my family only had a mac but then we bought a pc and i started playing seriously. And the first game i fell addict for was counter strike global offensive, i was immediatly attracted by the game and his community and everything that comes with it. Of course, i play many other games like team fortress 2, trackmania, rocket league... (you can see which games i'm playing on my steam profile if you want -> http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074230805). But let's get back to counter strike. I recently discovered the 3xp-clan group on steam and i was attracted by it. I played with teams in matchmaking before but i'm always searching for new partners and here everything seems much more serious ! I'd love to join the 3xP' to get a new gaming experience and to help the group to form. The fact that the group is mainly German isn't disturbing me because i'm learning German at school and i love speaking english (by the way, i have a German friend).

    That was my intention, if you now want to get in contact with me, those are the best ways:

    steam: Chiba Ch!ba
    origin: NHTRZ
    battle.net: scophile#2822

    Thank you very much for reading this and feel free to ask questions !

    Chiba Ch!ba

  • Hey, at first thank you for your application,

    i like it, but as i told you before teamspeak activity is needed to get into our clan, and that will be quite hard atm if you are not german, ill wait for more oppinions and watch your activity


  • Maybe I'm wrong but I haven't seen you in teamspeak.

    I wanted to write an answer but I forgot it due my exams.

    About your application:
    Your application sounds good ;-). It's good that you try to learn german, because atm. we speak 95% german in teamspeak. If we play with non germans we try to speak english the most time. In rare cases we fall back to german (csgo example: if only 2 germans are alive we way switch to german callouts until the round ends). So it's a benefit if you understand this too.

    The next question I have is about your CSGO rank. The most of our members have ranks between gold4 and mg2. The others have ranks in the LE / LEM area.

    At the end I want to say sorry that I haven't answered your application.

    kind regards

    if we find enough people, you could play a match with us