Let's talk about the activities in 3xP' CJ Team

  • Hey guys,

    What is the point of this thread?
    This thread is step 1 of increasing the quality of this clan as result of the 2 threads which included an attemtped discussion about it.
    The point here is to discuss and throw out ideas on how a list, not too big, where the main activities (which should be) in our Cj team are pointed, should look like.
    Once there has been a discussion big enough we (Noob, Drizzjeh and me) will create the final list.

    What is the point of this list?
    The list will be then added to the application system where we ask applicants to answer 2 questions per activity on the list.
    Those 2 questions are pointed out in the example below.
    After the list has been created it's going to be urgent that as many as possible members will also fill in the list with their skills and motivations.
    This will happen in another thread.
    The reason why we want other members to fill in the list is to increase the quality of this clan, more explanation about that will follow in the other thread once it's created.

    The following list is just an example how it will look the the application system, nothing is definitively set, this means that everything about it can be discussed; the way it's prashed, the activities, the questions, etc.:

    - Write by every activitysection of this clan...
    1. how much you can help us with it.
    2. a small explanation on how you will succeed. (this is just to show us that you can actually help us in the way you pointed out)
    Be honest, it's not a problem if you can't help us with every activity pointed out below, this is just an indication for us to see where your abilities are.

    How much can you help us with...
    1. Keeping or improving a good atmosphere.
    2. Organising speedrunevents.
    3. Organising editcontestevents.
    4. Organising other events.
    5. Providing demos for montages and for 3xp YouTube series such as: <sum up of active series>.
    6. Making videos for the 3xp YouTubechannel
    7. Modding & Mapping
    8. ...
    9. etc.

    It's important that we sum up the activities we can think of as much as possible to make this list not too long, while still prevending vague explained activities.
    This means that we mainly have to focus on how the things are phrased.


  • We all honesty, I don't see how this new application system is gonna help improve the clan in any way, since I don't think you will just decline the applications of people who can't help with video making, map making etc...
    If anyone need help with something, they can just ask the members of the clan if they can or/and want to help.

  • @Pawz this is for contiueing your thread, with more usefull ideas instead of only critism, read through the answers in your post, mainly they dont give usefull next steps, beside frisbeeskys answer. This thread is for developing a solution, not for saying why and that something is wrong, like your thread did. This thread is the next step.

    @Tayzer alot of members told me in the past 1/2 year, that we are accepting players too early, especially because we are already like 40 members, in this way we want to collect more information about the applicants, so we can make better desicions who we accept and who we wont accept. And we will be more likely to decline people which doesnt help the cj team in anyway. This is just an addition to the application system, so we have more usefull information about the applicants. Its just the reaction to the critism of alot members..

    "If anyone need help with something, they can just ask the members of the clan if they can or/and want to help." thats what we will do in the next step, as u can read in frisbeeskys 3 pager answer under pawz youtube thread.

    Let me tell again why we are doing this:

    Goal of this whole process is to at first, improve the application system and the way how we accept new applicants, as alot of members told me that they want that, starting with deleted User's leave.
    And After that we want to increase the activitys of the CJ team, in form of new and more consistent youtube activity / sr events and similar activitys like this, which will get made by the members who have the skill and motivation to do so.

    Now please stay ontopic and tell your ideas what activitys we should focus on the list!

  • I think point 8 should be definetly changed fris, botw stopped. we should better ask for own motivation and skills for new series or video concepts.

    Also we should definetly implement .gsc scripting and modding in the list, as its a big part of professional mapping, also skytextures and textures dont need to be an extra point, i think we should more do it like

    - Modding & Codjumper mapping -
    10. Creating Codjumper maps
    11. Testing maps
    12. creating .gsc scripts
    13. creating content like f.e.: models, skins, textures etc.

    Also we should implement points for "PR" managing like:
    Social Media Managements:
    14. Writing News such as f.e.: release posts for events and maps
    15. Careing about Social Media apperance
    16. Careing about 3xP Homepage News

  • @Viruz Ok I get it, and it's true that you used to accept any applications pretty quickly, but is it me or there haven't been an application for 3 months ? It's not like there is 10 applications a week, and in that case I don't really see the point of doing this if there is no applications.

    Perhaps we should just focus on the server to get more players to play, as I noticed the activity of the members have decreased in the last few months, including me. But I doubt changing little things on the server is gonna increase the activity though, so I don't know.