Spreadsheet of All Cod4 MontageJumps of Custom Maps

  • Hello!

    FrisbeeSky here,

    March the 27th I created a spreadsheet where all the cod4 montagejumps of custom maps are listed.
    Here is the link:

    All Cod4 MontageJumps of Custom Maps - Google Sheets

    Here is a description of how you can use the list:

    This spreadsheet is meant for people who want to know whether a specific jump is already included in any of the montages listed under the column 'Name'.

    1. Use Ctrl+F to navigate around.
    2. Use Ctrl+- to zoom out, in this spreadsheet.
    3. Use Ctrl++ to zoom in, in this spreadsheet.
    4. Click on a cel with a link to get the option to click on the link.
    5. Grey cells include 'old' jumps which already have been performed in an earlier montage which is listed in this list.
    6. White cells include 'new' jumps which haven't been performed in any other earlier montages which are listed in this list.

    The following type of jumps are NOT included:
    1. Jumps which are performed in a way as they are meant to be performed (regarding the officially belonging walkthrough).
    2. Bunnyhops where you can do the jumpparts* individually !UNLESS IT HAS EITHER A VERY SKILLREQUIERT OR EITHER A VERY LONG BUNNYHOP-CHAIN!**. *The jumpparts are performed in the same way as they are meant to be performed regarding it being 'rpg' or 'no rpg' (regarding the officially belonging walkthrough).
    3. Jumps which are performed in different settings than the 'default' settings which are set for NON OS and OS, for example:
    - jumps which are performed with sv_fps <20 or >20.
    - jumps which are performed with a jumpheight <39 or >39 units.
    - jumps which are performed with a 'sprint-on-a-flat-surface-in-the-one-direction-speed' of <190 or >190 units per second.
    4. Jumps which are performed in custom maps which are NOT specifically made for Cod4 Codjumping.
    5. Jumps which are not part of a video which has been made with enough effort in order to call it a montage worthfull to be part of this spreadsheet. This regards the edit, the amount of jumps and the creativity and skillproffession of the jumps.**

    **This is subjectively descided by FrisbeeSky who is always open for other opinions in case someone disagrees with a specific choice about a jump or montage being added or not being added.

    At the moment I am working on the usage of the spreadsheet so it will be easier to search for specific jumps.

    Want to help me (a little bit)?
    If you want to help me (a little bit) (what I personally would appreciate a lot) you can do that in 3 ways:

    1. By reporting in what maps the jumps under the list ‘???’ have been performed.
    2. By reporting any errors or missing montages.
    3. By copying a part of the spreadsheet and paste it in a separate spreadsheet on your Google Account and add any missing information or fixing any errors/any mistaken information.
    Then you can contact me by either replying to this topic or personally contact me (for example via Steam) and send a link where I can view your spreadsheet.
    From there I can copy and paste it into the official spreadsheet and you will get credited at the top of the spreadsheet.
    I am not going to add any editers directly to the oficial spreadsheet since it’s way to easy to press Ctrl+A, Delete or something like that.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this topic or personally and in case I missed or have some new information about the spreadsheet I will update it into this post.


  • Usefull, i guess this was a ton of work :D

  • Hello,

    I got a question for you all.
    I am currently working on the description in the spreadsheet which contains different kinds of catergories which are placed in columns after ever jump.
    Now at this moment I have marked all the jumps in the 'no rpg'/'rpg' category.
    Now, what I noticed while I watched every single montagejump, is that there are more kind of 'categories' needed to optimise the selection of the jumps.
    And with this said I have a question for you all:

    Do I miss any kind of category which you can select a jump as?

    These are the current catergories I already have: (look up the spreadsheet to see what these all mean.

    - Call-Out
    - Distance
    - Distance-Height
    - Height
    - Rpg
    - No Rpg
    - Shortcut
    - Creative Jump
    - Bhop
    - Edgebhop/Bhopslide
    - Slide
    - Position landplatform

    To help you all a bit, these are categories I haven't included yet but came up my mind later on:

    - Speedramp
    - Rampslide
    - Scripted Bounce
    - Normal Jump
    - Slope

    So if you can think of some more categories where you can select jumps into then feel free to reply.

    Also, you may notice that the markfield is going to get bigger as more categories will get added, but that's not a problem because I have thought of a system which is going to solve that problem.
    So don't worry about that.


  • Hello,

    Currently I am searching for videos which possible might get included in the spreadsheet.
    What I've done is I looked through all the videos of different youtubechannels which possibly had one or more videos which could be included in the spreadsheet.
    My question to you guys is:

    Could you please think of and look up videos and channels which possibly might have one or more videos, which, possibly could be montageworthful enough to get included in the spreadsheet, then check them by url or channelname whether they are already in the sheet linked below and if they're not, please let me know via a post in this topic or steam?

    (or in other words: did I miss any channel/video in this list?:)

    If you doubt whether a video is worthful enough to include into the spreadsheet, please just send the link. It's better that I see the video than if I would not see the video anyway.
    It's also worth knowing that montages which are already included in the spreadsheet are not listed in the sheet which I just linked above, so please also check whether a video which came to your mind isn't already in that list.