death run application for Admin

  • ingame name: jamie

    My birthdate: 7/10/1995

    Hardest map i finish: descent V2-v1 and H20 /and i can say i finish every singel inter way and now im working on hard way

    My gap record : without rpg 303-125fps) with rpg 365 125fps)370_333fps and take me some try im not that good on gap:P

    Language i speak: english _german_and french but im not good on it but i can speak on comunity

    Why i want to join 3xP' codjumper team: okay

    like i says before i love this comunity and i want to be part of it.and

    u guys give me the chance to be trusted player and i thank all people

    how support that ! but i see is trusted player on dr hes not abel to do

    nothing so i was listening unpowerful so i decide to applay for 3xp'dr

    team cuz i like too help ppl out like u guys did for me and thank u all

    for helping me to ugrpade my skill or i well never can applay this

    let me say somthing about my self : my real name is jamie im 20 years old im

    from scotland and i live in edinburgh dont like to say im good person or

    funny i think u guys know me ? but i can say this im friendly guy how

    like to meet ppl and make friend maybe sometime i can be asshol when i

    get nervos but heart is clean sorry guys im not persone how like to speak about him self but u guys know me !!!!

    Games history: like i says on my app

    on trusted player when i was young i like to play games on pc but i did

    not meet games like cod4 cod2 or black ops 1 or 2 i was just playing

    games on facebook and yeah i dont have history with games like name i

    says but from the first time when i meet cod4 i like it to much and i

    start to play it and that was very fun for me and one day one of my

    friends show me dr mode and from the first time when i play it i like it

    so much and i can say i play more then 15 hours every single day and

    yeah thats all ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    i read all the rule and i agree

    @Bad_boy thank for taking your time you read my application ;););););););)

  • okey copy and past hahahahah idk why are u doing this but okey but u just need to be understand this well be declined to ?????

    $iwy he just copy my app and past it here like wtf hahahaha

    @Bad Boy$TN Which app?

    Btw, I merged your 2 posts. It's not the first time I do that. Please use the edit feature instead of writing another 1-sentence-post.
    If you don't know how: [TUT] How to edit your post.

    You posted THREE threads asking the same thing. I declined these 3 threads, taking the time to answer and explain why, and you write another post AGAIN for the SAME thing.
    Now, please stop.
    You can answer on your previous threads if you want, but don't post another thread again asking for the same thing, especially since I already rejected your application.


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