death run application for Admin

  • hello my name is jamie and the reason why i would like to apply for this server on dethrun because i feel like i can make a big difference to help the server on death run and there is never enough admins on at late times im always on untill 11 pm minimal and im 15 years old and im 16 in 2 months i really enjoy this server and you might be thinking aww he is just saying that to get on our good side but im serious ive been on many other death run servers and there are so many problems and 3xp death run is just perfect,

    MY INGAME NAME-jamie
    MAPS COMPLETED-darmuh, H20,watercity,skypower,diehard,imagination,gold,flow,and bounce.
    if this application looks a bit weird i am really sorry for that and if you want you can have someone watch me during a trial or something.
    Im a very kind player i obey by the rule any one who brakes the rules will be warned i know how to use the power of being admin responsibly.
    AND thankyou for taking your time for reading this application if you dont agree then im really sorry for making you waste your time.
    AND i really hope this application was enough so thankyou. :)8):thumbsup:

  • application for tusted staff rank admin
    Cod jumper staff application

    You have "applied" for several positions in the past 10 hours.

    One thread is enough.

    Anyway, even though one of our members was kind enough to show you the thread indicating how to apply correctly, you wrote 2 other very bad applications. And none of them was written in the right forum section.

    Furthermore, your applications are a pain to read.

    Your first sentence is made of 110 words. The advised length for a sentence is less then 20 words. And I'm not even talking about the grammar, spelling mistakes and typos.

    You didn't even put your stats page link in you application so I can't check your play time, however you said yourself you didn't even reach 60 hours.

    So for now,

    You can apply again in 6 weeks from now. But only if you meet all the requirements.
    If your next application is as bad as this one anyway, it will again be instantly rejected.

    PS: You can apply for "Trusted player", not for "Admin".

    Edit: Moved to the right section.


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