Cod jumper staff application

  • In game name-jamie
    steam name-jamiebain14-i need tochange the number to my new favorit number.
    the reason to why i think i should be trusted as staff on my favorit server 3xp is because when i go on this server at 10 pm brittish times there are no staff on and i feel that the server needs somone willing to stay up longer to keep an eye on the server and ii feel capeble of that im very helpfull and kind to the other players i would never in the wrong mind abuse staff powers because i belvive thats just wrong. i havent played on the server for 60 hours but i know i will be playing on it for alot longer than 60 hours.
    stuff about me- i live in scotland area is edinburgh im really enterested to make this a bigger server for more help and stuff liike that ive had some expiriences of being staff on other servers but sadly because the owner of the server couldint keep paying to keep the server up the server was shut down:( but that didint stop me for looking for servers i like and helping them.
    my date of birth is 1998 october the 14th.
    hardest maps ive completed are,H20 Darmuh Imagiri and skypower i have completed many others these are also my favorite maps.
    i feel thats yous should give me this chance as a trial and i can prove to you im worth keeping if you want you could have FRA spawner witness and other players in the lobby to give a review on my trial.
    thanks for taking the time to read my application plz get back asap your sincerly jamie bain. 8)

  • Moved to the right section.

    Declined (see here).


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