mp_descent_v3 | Release & Informations

  • Hey guys,

    today is the release of mp_descent_v3!
    In this thread i will inform you about the concept and all features of this map.

    In mp_descent_v3 i took a special look onto the authenticity, in design, replay value & especially difficulty of the jumps.
    There are 2 Hard ways named Classic & Combined and an Easy/Inter way.
    The map is possible complete norpg!

    Download mp_descent_v3

    The Ways

    The Classic way is "reworked" version of descent_v2, with mostly completly new jumps, but also with jumps from descent & descent_v2, it is the easier way of the both hard ways and i would Rate it 10.5/20.
    Like the rest of the map it contains just techjumps which are mostly not very hard if you know the tech.

    The Combined way contains only new Jumps, its the harder of the both hard ways and i would rate it 11/20.

    The Easy/Inter way is a way made for new players, which gets from easy at the start to inter at the end, its a new mapped easy, not the one from v1 & v2.

    The Combined way and the Easy/Inter is part of my idea to combine Easy/Inter and Hard, you can choose at 16 plats in the way if u want to do the Easy or the Hard jump,
    you can use only Hard jumps, only Easy/Inter jumps or a combination of both.
    Close the finish the way splits up in Hard and the last part of Easy which is Inter
    However you descide to do the ways you will always get displayed the time you needed for finishing, BUT only if u use only hard jumps or only easy jumps it will get noted down in the Scoreboard.

    The Speedrun System

    The map makes use of a Speedrun system, it contains alot of checkpoints which makes it impossible to skip and still get a time.

    It Contains a Ranksystem, which will reward first place in NORPG Runs with a custom Model and a colored Trail depending on which Ways he is first.
    Classic way will get Sonic and a Blue Trail
    Combined way will get Shadow and Red Trail
    Easy/Inter way will get Ratchet and Yellow Trail

    At the finish you will get displayed a scoreboard, which contains all the RPG Runs and NORPG Runs made in the running session.
    However if u use Hard and Easy jumps in Combined or Easy/Inter you will get displayed a time, but wont be placed in the Ranking System.


    More Screens

    *Note that all the screens have improved brightness, they dont display the light in the map correctly with my cfg