My Xmas Video

  • Hey guys,

    Maybe some of you know me, but im jakcod4 and i like to make jump videos :D
    Lately i upload mostly bs and useless videos with bad quality so for xmas i wanna get a good video.
    I sorta got my whole run i wanna do so im looking for someone who will edit it <3
    Last time drizzjeh editted it and it was sick so i thought lets ask again here :D
    If you can get good quality and muffle up my cuts a bit :3 that would be sick, as editor you can edit how you like, surprise me :D
    So pleas let me know and then we can arrange smth :D

    Greetings Jakcod4

  • hey jakcod4,

    i would really like to edit your run, but sadly i dont have time for that atm, cause there is chrismas infront of the door.
    I just came back from Bremen and tomorrow i will be a week in Graz
    Also i need to do a walkthrough for my map, and drizz need to do 2 walkthrough for my map and for mp_zone too i guess.

    So i guess sadly neither drizz or me got time atm :/. (Just guessing, maybe drizz got time)