Trusted Player Application-FearZ

  • Hello community!

    Iam FearZ,and my real lifes name is Diogo.I live in portugal por exact in Porto.At the moment iam 17 years old.(date of birth-09.04.1998) and Iam still in school (12th grade).After I over the years I will go work with my cousin´s informatics store.

    That was my personal information, now my gaming career:

    I start playing shooter games since I was 10 years old(yea too soon but wath can I do?I love COD),My first shooter was COD 4,Then not a long time,realises call of duty advance warfare so I dont play so mutch time as I played before.But now iam totaly playing every day 3-4 hours by day or more.I play other shooter games like:COD black ops (1 and 2),Titanfall,Call of duty advance warfare) but all this game I play an litle,becouse the most I play is COD 4.This is what I want to do in 3xP':I dont want to enter just becouse of powers and that,no.I want to players trust me,belive me that I will never abuse,and I love talking with all players and 3xP members becouse they are very frendly and funny.I think 3xP may be my 2º family!

    That was my intention, if you now want to get in contact with me, this are the best ways:

    • Steam:gatinho39
    • Origin:DiogoBarbosa12

    To come to an end, I will give you now the last terms wanted in 3xP' Apllication System:

    Thank you very mutch for reading this,hope I join this big family

    Note:My profile dont have any kill/death becouse I create yeasterday but I play very years the COD 4 deathrun but I never go to the site and my old nick was Diogo

  • Heyo Fear !

    Unfortunately, I can't find any of your other stats except this, which u put into your app. I mean, that all other of your stats don't have even a hour played. One of requirements for a Trusted Player 1st level is - "Have an overall playtime of over 60 hours on our servers" And u have only 17h. And in this 17h u have been kicked twice because of glitch and language rule. So, personally, I think, that u should play more on 3xP servers, get to know with some of members/tp/masters (if u are not well known) etc.

    Ofc I'm just saying, final decision is always belong to admin.

    $ i w y .exe

    P.S Ah, and check dis thread ---> CoD4 Trusted player application - Read before applying. <--- There u have explained all the stuff.

  • Hello fear, as we already have alot trusted players we decided to not accept people in who we have doubts or who didnt made everything correct,

    also it seems like your not known on our servers as you just have 17h played

    maybe get known well on our servers, and retry it then,