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  • Hello there!
    I am OrangePeel, My real name is Daz. I live in England, Currently from West Yorkshire but moved towards the North, I now live in Filey. At the moment I am 17 years of age, (16/02/98)am a qualifies Electrician. I didn't think I needed to work on my IT skills because I took up the Cambridge Nationals ICT Course. After flying through it I kinda stopped with my ICT future!
    Now my gaming career-
    I started playing Call of Duty 1, UO and Call of Duty 2 to begin with, I moved up the chain of all the Call of Duties but stopped at MW3. (all the new ones are crap). I have become fond of Call of Duty 4, I always have been! I have been in a different clan for around 3 to 4 years now. I left a good 7 months back since I was to sell my PC however I still have it :P The clan was call =([ISDP])= I was an admin that looked after their Death run server full time, I also managed their Happy Hardcore server for when hacker tried ruining the damn thing! Any how I was a very active player on my old clan. In fact I was funnily enough Rcon Commander and had the dubious honor of looking after Rcon, the consoles for the server and Call of Duty 4.
    Now I've yabbed on about my gaming life I'd like to move onto why I'd like to join. I have experience in Rcon, the Server commands and the administration part of the business. I would like to join 3xP because I kinda miss been in a clan, I've spent a few hours on your Deathrun server and everyone seems friendly enough! The forums a brilliantly set out and easy to make my way around. I also would like to meet new people. In my old clan I use to pay to help run Rcon, the servers and also to keep my admin on the server. Well at the beginning mainly, They kind of run out of Rcon commanders and website administrators giving me the full time job whether I paid or not! I kept paying because they ran into a little financial issue but we recovered the expenses. I love the 3xP Deathrun server it is very well put together. the console works just fine but I feel it's always nice to have an actual admin on the server as well just to make sure the rules are kept and pick up the things the Console misses.
    Never the less The best way to get hold of me-

    Steam, phoenixdaz (Thats my username I don't know if you can find me with the profile name)

    Xfire- I had Xfire back when F.E.A.R was brand new!! I'll redownload it create a name for you guys

    I do not use Origin unfortunately.

    TeamSpeak- Full time bum on TeamSpeak It's like i'm attached to the program! In other words yes i'm always on TeamSpeak
    My old clan had a rule, No TeamSpeak no joining.. I kind of made that rule compulsory ;)

    Finally my tag on your stats, it might look bad but that will liven up i promise you!

    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    Many thanks for reading through, I hope it ain't too much for you :P
    Feel free to Add me, Email me or PM me you know where I am

  • looks cool hope to see u ts :P

  • Its now 19 days after you applied,

    I talked once to you in teamspeak and after 1 or 2 sentences, you were staying in the channel but didnt communicate for like 4 hours.
    I saw that you are on teamspeak, but it looks like you didnt really tryed to get contact to the people.
    As our clan is based on knowing and talking to the other members i sadly have to tell you that we decline your application.

    Im sure you will find another clan where you will fit in better,