!nYpk! Moviemaking Team App [Added App-Edit]

  • Hey guys
    Because I've been a Trusted player for some time now I want to thank the 3xP' Community for all the good times I had on their servers.
    I decidet to give them something back, so I'm gonna apply for the MM-Team.
    My name is Marc aka. !nYpk!. My birthdate is the 14.05.1997.
    About two years ago I made my own YT-Channel , where I uploadet some crappy edited Minecraft videos.
    Somehow I got about 100k views on one of them :D
    My experience in editing became much better.
    If I get accepted to the MM-Team I'd want to do CoD4 Promod videos and sometimes KtK maybe.
    I read the thread and the YT-Norms.

    !nYpk! (nypk97 on xf... add me :D)

  • I saw your video. Im not in the team but heres some criticism.

    First things first, you have to use a movieconfig for demos.
    Second thing is you have to record with avidemo to get good quality.
    Third thing is, dont place effects randomly (thats what it looked like) without an idea behind it.
    Maybe use some cinematics for nice transitions.
    Add a color correction and apply some sync to get a good flow.

    And finally you have to render with good settings. Your clip was like 1.8GB big.
    With good settings it would have been maybe 100MB at max (and still better qual).

    No offense but this looked like raw footage recorded live with fraps at 30 fps and some random effects ontop of it.

  • So nypk,

    to be onest i personally dislike your application "edit" because of varius reasons.

    So basicly everything which diffrentitate and "Edit" from a "Gameplay" is missing, let me collect some points:

    -You used the chromakey intro without the chromakey effect or any sync, which makes it useless and you could have used the other intros
    -You did not disable the HUD, which makes the "edit" look just like a normal gameplay
    -You did not do any kind of syncronization dont matter if its kills, cuts, effects, deaths or anything
    -You randomly added 1 or 2 effects at randomly choosen points
    -Your choice of music is like meh
    -You did not used any kind of velocity changing at anypoint in this video, its 100% all the time
    -This randomly placed 2d text animations are needless
    -The text you placed in endcard is white, so it looks very diffrent from the other text in the endcard
    -It seems like you used an Uncompressed codec to render this video, because it was 1,8 GB big, Youtube will rerender every not streamable codec (too less compressed codecs) which means quality loss.

    All in all i can say that i dont think this is an "Edit" its more like a best of gameplay of public kills.

    I think you are at the very beginning of your editing carreer, this basicly looks like your first call of duty edit you made,
    also it dont looks like you put very much effort in it.

    I think this is not what we want on the 3xP' Clan Channel

    Please dont take any of this offensive, its just my personal oppinion about your video,



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