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  • Hi everyone,I am mackto,I am a student,from Russia.I am 19 years old.Im playing on hadrcore server,and sometimes on nuketown server.
    I started playing on 3xP' servers 1,5years ago.I want to become a trusted player because i want to help keep the servers clean.
    Now I play a lot in cs go cuz she it rly popular now.I really like cod 4 and started playing in cod in 2010.
    My noobstats
    Contacts:xfire - 1mackto
    steam -
    I have never been accused of hacking, cheating or being unfriendly but if I will ever get accused I always keep my bandicam software for recording my screen or even making a demo.
    I agree to the terms of "Trusted player application.

    Sry for my english :<

  • 500 hours on HC server + 60h from ktk with about 1,5 year gaming? Niceeee man ^^

    True dat, u have never been banned, but I dunno u, so I can't say anything about your behaviour.

    Meybe add more information to your app and format your text. This will show your attidute to this rank. Just saying, most admins pay attention to this.

    For now I'm waiting what other players can say about u ;) But ofc I keep my fingers crossed ^^

  • Hey mackto,

    Your application is short and has really nothing exceptional, however you play really a lot on our HC server, which really needs more trusted players IMO. Furthermore you only got positive feedback.



    Welcome to the trusted group ;)

    Check your PMs soon.


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