Void's Codjumpers Team Application

  • Hello everyone X/

    Ingame name: void
    Country: Russia
    Age: 20
    My hardest Map that I've finished : mp_mystic/mp_mystic_v2/mp_evacuate_v2/mp_dark_v2
    My gaprecord with and without rpg: RPG:372(125) Norpg: 315(333)
    Why do I want to join 3xP' Codjumper-Team: I've been searching for the nice friendly clan, seems to be that i founded one :D , so I'd like to join in.
    And some more text about me: I started CJ about few years ago, and i liked it <3 . Since I started to play in Cj I'd taken few pauses in playing.
    For now, I usually play custom maps, sometimes I'd like to play surf maps. That's all, thanks for reading. :saint:

  • Hi void,

    Thank you for your application.
    I searched the name "void" in our database, is this you?:
    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    If yes, then collect some more playtime because we search for active people,
    who are known on the Server for being active :)

    I will leave the application open, until you have some more playtime.
    Until then my map should be out, because the Skilltest changed, so its on mp_galaxy now.
    But it shouldnt be a problem since its really more Inter difficulty and you finished harder maps.

    So far so good ^^
    I wish you merry christmas and a good week.

    Best Regards,

    deleted User

  • nice to see your interest in our cj-team.

    Pls also write your steam profile link and your xfire name so we can get incontact more easily.

    hopefully see you on our servers when im back from holidays,



  • So we talked around abit and i asked lot of CJ-Members of their oppinion about you.

    I really can say that i like you and the way you act on our server.

    You help others alot.
    You are active.
    You have a social behaviour.

    And basicly everyone who i asked told me the same


    But sadly you have to wait until i can set your member and vip, cause i messed up my BIOS and had to buy a new mainboard which is here @ thursday when im lucky. -.-

    I will set you CJ-Member here in Forums, everything what i can do atm :/