Trusted Player Application - Krwawy :]

  • Hello 3xP and everybody :P

    My name is Marek. I am 15 years old. I'm from Koszalin, Poland.

    My hobbies : CoD, Football, Volleyball, FIFA, Cooking and Photography :]
    Games I played : CoD, Battlefield, FIFA, NFS and many others.

    I am a Christian.
    I have many friends. In relation to them (as well as all) I'm friendly.

    The first time I played CoD4, when I was 11 years old. At the beginning I
    played on Hardcore and Rotu, later on DR, KTK, CJ and Promod. I have some skills :P

    I have a funclan. Name is eFe. I created this clan for players, who play for fun :]
    On 3xP servers I play 2-3 years.

    How I'd help 3xP? I will help in the prevention of racism on the server.
    Ridicule of the players. And, above all compliance rules.

    I want to be Trusted Player, because I want to on the server there was a nice, friendly and positive atmosphere.

    My xfire : marecki220

    Nick in game : eFe Krwawy :]

    My stats : 3xP' Stats

    I read and agree with :
    3xP' CoD4 server rules
    Trusted player/Trial member rules
    Premade kick/ban reasons rules

    Ladies and Gentelman give me a chance, I promise, I'll help :]

    Krwawy :]

  • Firstly, you have barely revised your application if at all.
    Secondly, posting another application (for a total of three) when your previous one was rejected does not improve your chances whatsoever.
    Thirdly, your application(s) have gotten lots of negative feedback and nagging about it constantly is not an effective way to alter my decision.
    By the way, I don't think there's such a thing called "Probation Trusted Player..."

    If no one has something against this, I'd really like to close this thread..

  • Cmon 3 times the very same application, when the first one got denied.
    Once you gave people an impression (in this case bad) its over for atleast a good amount of time.
    Posting new applications wont help you, it will make it worse.
    If this application would have been a fresh stunningly good one, people might rethink their
    decision. However you just copy pasted it, so theres no need to even read it again.

    Just some Advise.

  • Rejected and closed.

    As said above, your thread doesn't bring anything new and hasn't been improved.

    And I think it's common sense that if you got rejected, it's useless to apply again the following day.
    Anyway, I will add a note on the "read before applying" thread saying that you can't apply for 6 weeks after you've been rejected.


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