You've been accepted as Trusted player/Trial member - Read.

  • You've been accepted as trusted player. Now what?

    The job of a trusted player is basically to help keeping the server clear of cheaters and rule breakers (and also, to maintain a good atmosphere on the server!).

    To do so, you have access to multiple commands:

    • !warn / !w. Use: !w <PartOfPlayerName/ID> <reason>. Warns a player about his behavior. You can use that once before kicking him if he keeps doing shit. Otherwise you can warn him again and it will temban him for 5 minutes.
    • !kick / !k. Use: !k <PartOfPlayerName/ID> <reason>. Kicks a player.
    • !tempban / !tb. Use: !tb <PartOfPlayerName/ID> <time> <reason>. The time is in minutes. Max tb duration is 1440 minutes = 1 day. Temporarily bans a player.
    • !say. Use: !say <write any text here>. Makes the Server say a message in red. You can use it to officially warn players about anything.
    • !msg. Use: !msg <write any text here>. Writes a big shiny message in the middle of everyone's screen. You can use it to officially warn players about anything.
    • !aliases / !a. Use: !a <PartOfPlayerName/ID>. Gives you a list of all the names a player has used on the server. Useful for name changing cheaters/spammers.
    • !pl. Use: !pl. Gives you the list of current players on the server, along with their ID. You can use a player ID to interact with him instead of having to write a part of his name. Also useful for namechangers.
    • !online. Use: !online. Gives you the list of currently online admins/members/trusted players etc on the server.
    • !admintest. Use: !admintest. Shows your rank (trusted player for instance) to everyone on the server. [Edit: The command is now !group check]
    • .pm. Use: .pm <PartOfPlayerName/ID> <write any text here>. Sends a private message to the chosen player.

    To see all other available commands, type !cmdlist. Then open the console to see everything, by pressing the console key (for me ²) and Shift at the same time.

    Note: When using a dot (.) in front of a command instead of an exclamation mark (!), no one will be able to read what you have written.
    It's useful when you want to check the aliases of a supposed cheater for instance, so he won't see you're suspicious about him and leave before you could maybe tempban him.

    So these were the most important commands you should know about.

    Now, What you shall NOT do:

    • breaking any rules.

    Yeah, that seems obvious. Though, I saw many trusted players breaking a few rules. Nothing incredibly awful, but still, that shouldn't happen.

    So that means:

    • Don't disrespect ANY player, Don't insult ANY player.

    -> That means, even cheaters. In particular, there is absolutely no need to add an insult in a kick reason. I've seen too many "wh fag" as a kick reason. "wh" is far enough. I bet not half the players who used "fag" even know what that means.

    • Don't abuse commands.

    -> Don't overuse commands like !msg or !say, for example.

    • Don't make up your own rules.

    -> Example: Don't kick someone for wallbanging if there is no rule against wallbanging.
    Of course you can use common sense to decide to kick an afk player for instance, even though there is no rule against being afk. You can still kick the last jumper alive on deathrun if he is afk and everyone is waiting.

    Trusted players, as well as members, are supposed to be an example to other players.
    Even if someone insults you, there is no need to insult back. Just warn him, then if he keeps insulting, kick him. And if he comes back and keep insulting, ban him for 1 hour. I don't see where there would be a need for insults from your side here.

    You also have to:

    • Put a proper reason when you warn/kick/tempban someone.

    -> That helps to understand things better when checking the banlist.
    For instance, "bb" is not a proper reason. "WH" or "spam" is.

    Don't forget to check here our CoD4 servers rules.
    You should also check here for Useful premade kick/ban reasons.

    Only if you are already accepted as trusted player (or member), you also have to read this thread:
    - CoD4 - Punishments for rule breakers
    And also, if you are a KTK player, this thread:
    - KTK server - Map changing and Votes

    Note: On our kill the king server, there are commands you can use to remind players of the rules:
    - !krules
    - !lang

    If you have any doubt about how a rule should be applied, or what punishment should be used, or if something even should be punished, ask an admin over xfire, TS, or via the chatbox or PM ("Discussion") here on forums.

    You can join our public xfire group to be able to easily contact admins: 3xP' Xfire Multigaming Community
    And check here for our TS3 IP: 3xP' TS3 Server

    Happy kicking everyone :D


    Any problem with a 3xP' server (server down, download loop,...)? - Feel free to mention it in the shoutbox so an admin can take care of it.

    3xP' TS3 IP: | Click here to directly join it.

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