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    Two weeks later and I have received no negative feedback - in fact I've only received positive feedback when asking members.

    I have spoken with the other leads and we have decided to accept you into the CJ Team :)

    Welcome 3xP' Luzzi, I'll setup your rank soon!

    You can see the reasons for the multiple kicks and bans for this GUID here:

    Due to the lack of negative feedback from members we have decided to leave the application open for another two weeks.

    If any member has any negative feedback please post it below or privately message one of the leads, thanks!

    You need to look at the bigger picture mate. It's not like he was previously innocent.
    He lost some freedoms after acting like an asshole to members of the community.
    Consider all of the shit Baddy has caused. Of course he is not going to be treated as well as players who occasionally get in small drama.

    He has shown that he cannot be trusted and has shown time and time again that he will resort to trolling when he gets bored, even if he says he won't.
    When we un-banned him we told him he would be banned if he ever trolled anyone again. He agreed to this. He started trolling again. He was banned.

    Those were the conditions that he agreed to. It does not matter if you don't consider it 'real trolling' or whatever words you use to justify it.
    He agreed to not troll or annoy anyone or he'd be banned.

    He was on thin ice, and decided to push his luck. That's why he was banned.

    Small preface:
    I hate CJ-drama and find it pretty embarrassing for the most part.
    I'm writing this response primarily because you called me out and you are also stating things that are simply false, which is unfair.

    [...]Noob realised Sardonyx was on the server he asked him: Is jh down or what? [...] To me it felt like u didnt want Sard to play on 3xP at all.. If thats the case why dont u just ban him?

    That's ridiculous. I don't really know Sard well but I have absolutely nothing against him and have no problem at all with him playing on the server. We sometimes talk on Steam too, I don't know why you think I don't want him to play or why you think I would want him banned. I asked that because there were a lot of the usual JH players (Sard Kev etc) on the server at the time.

    [...]why is 3xP' Noob being agressive to him


    Noob got so pissed of that he actually ragequit the server.

    I left the server to play on 3xP'. I can assure you I was not "so pissed off", I like that kinda banter. Again this is you misreading a situation and jumping to conclusions.

    So yea i know there is obviously ''beef'' between 3xP lead and JH members

    No there is not. Definitely not from me at least. I have no problem with JH at all.

    I know you are joking most of the time but there are a lot of instances that u are joking about autism.. and u are acting as if noone in this world has autism.. In my eyes thats douchy as hell.

    That's fair enough, I like dark humour, I realise some people don't.
    I won't apologise that you're offended but I'll stop with the darker jokes if it makes the server seem hostile to you.

    No mate.. thats not funny.. stop it.

    Again, I'll stop, but humour is subjective; Some people find it funny, others do not. That's life.

    [...]the admins agreed to unban baddy as long as he wouldnt bring drama over to the server. And Baddy got banned again because he was having fun

    If 'having fun' means insulting other players, causing pointless drama, and trying to cause reactions you can 'have fun' on a different server.
    Friendly joking between friends? No problem.
    Insulting both non-members and members in chat or through PM? Not welcome on our server.

    This was the only incident that baddy got involved in after the ban. He didnt do anything really.

    Not true. If you really need I'm sure I can find examples and can send you proof of this on Steam, but I assure you it's not true.

    First is 3xP members to not be aggressive towards JH members

    I have never seen this.
    Please privately message me examples of this happening, as this kinda behaviour is not welcome from any member.
    I have clarified the two instances you spoke of above that you misinterpreted.
    I do not care what server/clan a player is from as long as they respect other players.

    and to give baddy another chance of unban

    I'll talk to the other leads about this but I think this is very unlikely.
    He was given many, many chances. We even un-banned him after he promised not to cause more drama. Then he did it again.

    He has no intentions of getting into any drama

    I don't believe that for a second.

    Again, I have no desire to participate in CJ-drama, please do not try to cause more drama / revive drama just for the sake of it.
    Thank you.

    Not that it matters but your image literally shows that 3xP' has a much better rank than the other server shown lol
    Check the stats, even for the past month 3xP' still has a higher average player count, nice try though ;)

    @heat my bad, I thought sard was kev (hard to keep track when they always change names). Your quote is wrong btw, I never said dood1e.

    Pls continue with the memes :)

    good think 3xp leaders made active members leaders, bcuz it would have been weeks before I got banned

    It took about ten minutes.

    Some of us are inactive for a reason (I've just returned from a long vacation).

    It's sad to see so many people involving themselves in pointless drama on a ten year old game. I find the whole thing very cringey. I thought you'd be above that kind of thing, obviously I was mistaken.