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    1st : Frisbeesky
    2nd : Karzye
    3rd : Chappie // CocoCod4 // Funk // Xploz

    As I said in the comments, Frisbee's edit is definitely the one that is sorted out, except karzye's one.
    About Karzye's I'd say that I always like that kind of abstract aspect of editing, but don't fall in the trap of over editing which was my feel at some points of the video. It's a hard balance to do something with clip cut off for cj when the best feel of playing it is to actually enjoy every little moments of a jump done correct. This is that kind of thing I personnally couldn't do and you got my respect for that.
    About the other movies, I felt like I was watching the same things, with overheard songs even though in quality terms those movies were better. In the end it feels like there is no soul in them, if so I wouldn't have any trouble in order to rank them. Most of the editors are kinda new to editing cj videos and they doesn't have an old experience from cj editing, this still feels promising !
    I feel like Frisbee didn't take that song for nothing, it was a thoughtful decision and the result is there. To me a song is 80% of the job in cj movies, what I have seen here are mostly seen and overseen edits, with heard and overheard songs, they feel so randomly picked up because they're just hype. My words are maybe harsh but I'm trying to get positiv critics for everyone, because I know how much work it is to make a movie and I'd like to see everyone improving in their own style.
    Then again, about colours and tastes, everyone is a judge ! Still great working guys and I wish the best for future editings to keep that codjumping community alive !

    Nice video.
    I cant comment / view comments too.

    O.o I have no idea why it doesnt work for both of you ! Maybe it's something about germoney ^^ Thanks though !

    Amazing jumps. Possibly the best stock map video, apart from the sun rises once more.

    Thanks ! The sun rises once more will always be a legendary movie, cant beat that ! :)

    Thanks everyone !

    And what are you talking about Viruz ? There are comments.

    It's true about the transitions though, I knew about that but I've never learned how to do them properly. And it has been a long time before the movie came out, with its up and downs and now I have a lot less time to spend behind my computer, I just needed to finish it because no more energy :p

    But I'll try, I still have some projects in my mind for the future

    Alright guys it's time to refresh the stock map server!

    First, thanks for putting the block back, it's much appreciated for Climb Bouncing/Stacking/Blocked Bounces. It's used a lot. The add of mp_nuketown is also welcome, people likes it in general even in a cj way.

    Here are my suggestions :

    -Fix the bot (absolutely no commands can be used atm)
    -Fix rotation, which include :
    -Fixing map rotating to itself (ex : Crash changing to... crash)
    -Fixing mp_killhouse in rotation (which is written mp_killhoue instead of mp_killhouse, making it impossible to load)
    -Remove C4, peoples are using it massively and it makes the server lagging

    Those are the suggestions that really needs to be done.

    Here are some others :

    -Add Gravgun for everyone complementary to the noclip, since the noclip is very hard to control and it is nearly impossible to get on precise points such as tiny invisible barreers or very small landings. Noclip is still needed tho to get outside of some maps.
    -Remove the random red instruction circle which appears randomly on every maps. It's annoying in general and sometimes can fuck up a demo.
    -Add a feature to spawn objects (dead body for exemple) in order to check height for invisible barreers.
    -Make the mod compatible to mp_citystreets, I dont know if this is possible but it would be very appreciated !

    To me, 16:9 crop with black bars is probably best tech for promod montages, but totally inadapted for cj.
    Also the best fps to use are those where you can divide by 30 if you want a 30 fps final movie or 60 if you want a final movie at 60 fps. 500 is bad because during the compression you'll have cuts frames : 500/30 = 16,666... You need to get an entire number. Not mentioning the fact that it takes a shit loads of space on your hard drive :)
    But a tutorial would be very welcome by a lot of people, I've gotten into rendering cod4 files a few time ago and it's really really hard to get a proper quality.

    No need to bother checking your com_maxfps , just let it at 250 it doesnt change anything.

    It's weird it takes you forever to record. It takes time for sure but not forever. I really dont know what is the cause.

    About Lagarith lossless codec you can download it and install it from here : Lagarith Lossless Video Codec

    I dont think you're doing something wrong. About the low speed, maybe check if all your drivers are updated? Apart from that I have no idea what could be the cause.

    I write to a HDD.

    To be sure we're on the same line, before rendering with Vdub, you have to set the frame rate in video ---> frame rate ---> change frame rate to (fps)

    Then, go to video ---> compression ---> choose Lagarith Lossless Codec. You can configure it to enable multithreading which will increase the rendering speed. Lagarith Lossless Codec is a default compression codec, you should have it.

    Then, file ---> save as avi... And that's all

    The time it takes to make the screenshots is theorically due to your HDD's capacity to create a lot of files etc... But seeing your Hardware it shouldnt take that long. I have a much worse computer than you and it takes me around 10mn to get a 10 seconds clip with cl_avidemo 300. With 120 it should be really faster. Are you using a different timescale when you use cl_avidemo?

    About Vegas, what do you mean super jumpy ? If you rendered the clip with Lagarith Lossless codec, the file is really huge and totally uncompressed, making it hard to see the preview in full quality. Try lowering the preview quality and it may go smoother (I personnaly use the worst preview settings and it's still editable). Also the more you'll play the file through vegas, the smoother it will get since your computer will keep in memory the frame already shown. But again, seeing your Hardware you shouldnt have this issue.

    The best quality you could get is by using cl_avidemo since there is 0 frames lost, compared to fraps where there will always be a few frames lost. You open the demo and you do cl_avidemo 300 and it will make 300 ss/sec, which is good because you wont have half images so you wont loose quality if you render a 60 or 30 fps video. Also 300/60 = 5 which means you can slow down the vid up to 1/5 = 0.200 without losing any quality. Then you use Virtualdub to create a vid out of those screenshots. You set in Virtualdub's settings the framerate, which is 300 then you render with lagarith lossless codec. Once you get the clip you edit with vegas and you render it with the Xvid Codec.

    Here are my settings for 60 fps :

    Vegas Settings :

    Xvid Codec configuration :

    Note that Zones must be blank

    Then you click on calc in order to change the framerate at 60 fps :

    Note that you'll have to rewrite the bitrate after configuring the calc.

    Result at 30 fps : Strike // Very Hard Solorun - vidéo dailymotion

    Result at 60 fps :

    Have also in mind that the best quality on PC doesnt mean it will be the best quality for youtube.

    Hope that helped!

    Many thanks for the nice feedbacks guys, I really appreciate it !
    To be honest I don't feel like investing myself in a team though. I like 3xp and the way you are running this community but I'd rather stay this way. I dont really want to take responsibility such as forum activity, wearing tag, playing on the server... I play pretty much all the time alone in devmap.
    But I still can be there any time, I'm always on xfire when I'm on and happy to help people with anything !

    My nickname is Hardcore but you can often see me with the simple tag "Hc".
    My real name is Corentin Lebigre, I am 19 and I come from France. I am studying Psychology since 2 years now but went first from Medecine then to Maths/Computing before getting myself into Psychology.
    I have been playing Cod4 since 4 years now, in promod first then moved on to cj back in 2012. I have more than 4000 hours spent on Cod4 according to xfire's stats. I mostly play on stock maps where my principal hobby is to find new bounces :P
    I have been seen in several codjumper montages, mostly on stock maps with the New Bounces serie by RbxBouncer but also in some other custom maps montage. I own my own youtube account too and I have edited a lot of cj videos in the past 3 years. You can find some on the codjumper youtube account as well. I've also sent some demos for the Bhop of the week serie and for the next upcoming "Some Bounces 9" montage.

    I'd like to apply to the Trusted player rank mostly for the stock maps server. I mostly play in devmap but I often do some session on your stock maps server. I'll have soon 100 hours spent on both your custom maps / stock maps server, you can find my stats here and here.
    I know a lots of people from the 3xp team but also some trusted fellas who often plays cj on your server.
    I have a lot of experiences with communitys in game. I started playing cod1 in 2008 and was Leader of 2 teams. I also was admin on 2 other teams during more than 2 years for both.

    xfire : cocotecman14

    Thanks for your consideration.