* Becky member Application

  • Size: Bekzhan (Becky)

    Ingame: * Becky

    Country: Kyrgyzstan (Kytgyz Republic)

    Date of birth: 27.11.1999

    Games: PUBG, PUBG mobile, Cod4 promod CJ, Warcraft III Dota, World of Tanks.

    Why i want to join:

    The reason I want to join the 3xP clan. I help many people to do something, I usually pass through the easy side, and the middle I am trying to go through now. I want to help people who are just starting or learning to jump on this server. In addition, I see a lot of very friendly people who really help and make friends with people.
    My name is Bekkjan, in 2006 I started playing Dota, this is a card in a game called Warcraft III and a year later the game of calla Duty 4 came out too long. On lany in my city I occupied 2-3 places, my position was in this smg. I currently play a lot of games, and some of them are very popular. Games: PUBG, DotA, PUBG mobile, World of Tanks, CS 1.6. Also played with such famous players as Bubl1k! StarFenix berry Froster DarLing. I even forgot which teams I had, because the game died out in 2014-15, and there was no point in playing it to many people.
    I read the server rules and the rules of the members, and I agree with them.

    My page: https://board.3xp-clan.com/User/2870-Becky/

    Steam: Academy028

    I think I can get into your ranks and do something with you.

  • Hey Becky!

    I'm afraid we will have to decline your application since you got no responses from our current members.
    If you are still interested in the member position in our CJ-team, I recommend getting to know a lot of the current members in the server so they can vouch for you during the application process next time!

    3xP' CJ-Team

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    Added the Label Rejected