Application for clan 3xP

  • The reason I want to join the 3xP clan. I help many people to do something, I usually pass through the easy side, and the middle I am trying to go through now. I want to help people who are just starting or learning to jump on this server. In addition, I see a lot of very friendly people who really help and make friends with people.
    My statistics:
    My name is Bekkjan, in 2006 I started playing Dota, this is a card in a game called Warcraft III and a year later the game of calla Duty 4 came out too long. On lany in my city I occupied 2-3 places, my position was in this smg. I currently play a lot of games, and some of them are very popular. Games: PUBG, DotA, PUBG mobile, World of Tanks, CS 1.6. Also played with such famous players as Bubl1k! StarFenix berry Froster DarLing. I even forgot which teams I had, because the game died out in 2014-15, and there was no point in playing it to many people.
    I read the server rules and the rules of the members, and I agree with them. :):):)