Appli for 3xP'clan jumper [Closed]

  • Hello, my name in game is LostJumper.

    im 23 years old

    I've finish most " inter " map and some hard like dark_v2

    my biggest gap i've done is 378 with rpg and 315 without :c

    I live in France, speak french but i can speak english not bad

    Why i want join 3xp team ? : i have fun all time in the server and for me it's the time for join us..

    I play a lot on the server and im in love if i can help anyone

    About me :

    I enjoy helping people and I am ready to do anything to improve and
    exceeded the limits because I've always liked it .. Strafe! : D,
    If you want to know more about me just ask me and I
    would answer

    i've read the rules and i will respect them as best i can

    thank you to those who read my app, I hope to be accepted :saint:

  • Noob

    Added the Label Rejected