Share your Cj-projects&ideas!

  • Hello,

    This topic is meant to post your cj-projects and ideas.
    I figured that within the cj-community that on average there are a lot of projects running per person.
    Also there are a lot of ideas people have for certain projects, but simply due to the fact that they take a lot of (1) time, (2) energy and a require of a lot of (3) motivation it’s often in the perspective of those people not worth starting or finishing it because many people don’t have that much time, energy or motivation to work on such a project alone.
    This results in many potential unaccomplished cj-projectideas, many unfinished cj-projects and a very slow rate of cj-projects getting finished which is needed to maintain an active cj-community.
    So the simple solution to think of for that is that the people in the cj-community who have some time, energy and motivation (even if they only have a really small amount of it) should stack up those 3 substances in order to accomplish those cj-projects.
    An important idea to keep in mind is that working as a group of people on a project should balance out the relation between ‘time+energy invested’ versus ‘endresult+response from others’.
    Also, working on a cj-project with one or more people could boost up your motivation and energy for it while the amount of motivation and energy required decreases per person working on the project*.
    But now comes the most difficult part: realising the solution.

    And that’s where this topic is for.
    In this topic you can post:
    - cj-projects you are working on and where you could/would like to get some help on.
    - ideas to inspire some people who would like to start a certain cj-project.
    - cj-projects you won’t finish or even start since you have zero amount of one or more of those 3 ‘substances’ if you would have to work on that project *alone.

    In this way people will be able to know the existence of certain projects you are working on and perhaps maybe even offer some help.
    Alright, so in terms of realising that solution: step 1 is to let the people know about your project by making a post here in this thread.

    Here are some guidelines (in order) you could use when writing that post:
    1. elaborately describe the endresult you are working towards to.
    2. to trigger other people’s motivation you could explain how your project could serve the activity of the cj-community (the uniqueness and creativity of it).
    3. Clarity means a lot, so strategically express the progress by presenting a checklist of steps to accomplish the project might be something valuable working out, not only for others since that makes it way more easier to offer help, but you’ll also create a good overview on the project for yourself. This is how you do that:
    - Create a checklist where you divide the project in steps and think about how much time each steps takes in that checklist.
    - Now do each amount of time per step times 2, because the reality of working on cj-projects is that the amount of time you will have spent to it is always twice as much as you thought before you started the project, just trust me on that, it’s true...
    - Try to split or merge those steps into periods of time which is almost equal to the amount of time every time you are able to work on the project.After that create a schedule in your agenda saying ‘just work on the project’ and keep working down the checklist of steps to strategically work on your project.In this way you won’t be able to say to yourself ‘oh.. for fack sake, I am behind schedule... *sigh*’ which could demotivate you; just accept those moments you are not able to complete one step each time in the checklist you work on the project.
    4. Provide contact information: when people would offer you some help it’s very useful to let them know how they could contact you. (f.e. Steam profile link)

    Here are some valuable things to keep in mind when working with one or more people on a cj-project:
    - When you accepted help from others or when you decided to work with one or more people on a project, they become part of the project which means that their creativity is also going to be part of it which means that your project won’t be 100% designed according to your creativity, learn to accept that and use your creative mind to blend your creativity into theirs. You could also try to find some excitement in the fact that the endresult now gets more ‘mysteriously’ since other people’s creativity are involved too.
    - When you give feedback on the other person’s work (on the project) try to follow this structure:
    amount of criticism=amount of compliments.
    There is nothing wrong with criticism, but neither is there anything wrong with giving compliments.
    - Actively have contact with each other; maybe even schedule moments where you both talk about the progress of the project. Even when you work alone on a project it’s very useful to talk with others about how the process is going in terms of what works out very well and what struggles you meet while working on it.
    - The endresult often turns out differently than when you created the idea before you started working on the project, so be aware that when you start working on a project based on an idea, the project idea is not a script but it’s a guideline.
    - Try to enjoy working on it.

    Good luck and have fun!


  • Here are my unfinished cj-projects and ideas which you could use as inspiration or so:

    This project was basically a giant Google Spreadsheet containing 5 different sheets.
    Those sheets would contain information and statistics which would not change (for example cj-maps including their creators; once a map has been selected as a cj-map, it would never be considered as not a cj-map in the future. The same goes up with it’s creator; a creator of a map doesn’t change from time to time; it’s a fact which does not change).
    Something what does change for example are speedrunrecords, so speedrunrecords would not be included in that data, only information which would never change in the future. This means that data would only get added to the spreadsheet and never changed. This means that once you’ve collected the main data over time; maintaining the information so it keeps being up to date would not be a very time or energy consuming task.
    The data would be collected by standard procedures.
    In this way the spreadsheet would not contain any kind of exceptions which would ‘de-organise’ the entire data and the analysed data wouldn’t rely too much on personal human perception.

    These are the sections of data the spreadsheet would contain, spread over 5 different sheets:

    Codjumper Data manual
    This sheet would’ve explained the entire categorising structure of gathering, organising, maintaining, categorizing and selecting all the data including all the procedures to collect all the data for every section of data in the entire spreadsheet.

    All Cod4 MontageJumps of Custom Maps
    This sheet would’ve contained all YouTube-videos which could be considered as a montageworthful cj-montagevideo according to a procedure.
    The montagejumps would be linked to a YouTube-url including the time where the jump gets performed.
    One of the features would be that a jump would get a description of jumpfeatures (f.e. shortcut, rpg, no rpg, slide, bhop etc.) where as each feature would get a letter (f.e. A=shortcut, D=rpg, E=no rpg, J=slide) so in this way all montagejumps could be categorized per map per jumpcode. That jumpcode would be useful to quickly search for specific montagejumps.
    Categorizing montagejumps per map per jumpcode set in alphabetical order would give you the opportunity to find identical jumps where as the one with the oldest date would get a white colour while the other identical jumps performed in a later montage would get a grey colour.
    Organising and categorising montagejumps in this way would give you the opportunity to quickly figure out whether a certain montagejump has already been performed in a YouTube-video by being able to quickly look it up in a list containing an estimate of around 5000 jumps.
    Also, this sheet would’ve contained a database of all the demos including the status of cheating which also would’ve gotten it’s own procedure.

    All Cod4 Codjumper Maps
    This sheet would’ve contained all the cod4 maps which could be considered as a codjumper map according to a procedure.
    Each map would contain the following information:
    the Release Date Link Proof, the Release Date, the Creator, the Map Name, the Routes, the Mode (OS or NON OS), the Official Walkthrough, the Editor of the Walkthrough, the Performer of the Walkthrough, the Download Link and the Difficulty.

    The Codjumper Mapmaking Sheet
    This sheet would’ve contained a series of steps, tips, YouTube tutorials and extra information where as reading the sheet from top to bottom would educate you how to become a Codjumper mapmaker.

    I made a special thread to at least present a start of this idea which someone could use as a good source when someone descides to realise the idea:

    Mapmaking Tips&Tricks

    The Codjumper Video-Editor Sheet
    This sheet would’ve contained a series of steps, tips, YouTube tutorials and extra information where as reading the sheet from top to bottom would educate you how to become a Codjumper Video-Editor.

    10 years of Codjump
    The name of this project started already in March 2015.
    In March 2015 I already thought about the future of Codjump and at that time I also looked up the date which could be considered as the ‘birth date’ of codjumping.
    Therefore I came to the following date: November the 30th 2017 which is the upload date of Louw’s bounce glitch video, which, from that point in time changed the world of codjumping completely.


    If you add up 10 years to that date you would come up to November the 30th 2017, which is about in a few months.
    At that time I saw ‘10 years of Codjump’ as one giant project including:
    - A database of all Codjumper information and data (which is now Codjumper-Data)
    - A documentary-ish montage-ish video where all the 10 years of codjump would be rewinded into one video including and involving as many codjumpers as possible who had some kind of influence to the codjumpercommunity within those 10 years, that is where the database would come into play. The release date of that video would be November the 30th 2017 including a trailer some time before.
    - A ‘casual’ montage which would take the role as an announcementvideo for that documentary-ish montage-ish video which would also have a trailer some time before. This is what the montageproject TIME first meant to become.

    So all those projects which are incredibly huge on their own would be all part of one giant project: 10 years of Codjump which I started to think about already in March 2015.

    There are plenty of reasons why this never worked out.
    The thought process and the progress of this entire project is an enormous chaotic story which never came of the ground which started in March 2015.

    Nevertheless, for the people who bother caring; here I have some links to notes I took around the project:
    The first version of the spreadsheet database:Cod4 Codjumper Maps Statistics - Google Sheets

    The second version of the spreadsheet database, Codjumper-Data:
    All Cod4 MontageJumps of Custom Maps - Google Sheets

    Collecting all cj-maps including their routes by searching on related sites, taking a look at the maprotations on pretty much all cj-servers and taking a look at every map in my usermapsfolder where I’ve gathered all sorts of maps over the last 4 years, though not by using a procedure for it (so the collection was based on my pure personal perception of what I could consider as a ‘cj-map’):
    All cod4 codjump custom maps.xlsx - Google Sheets

    A compilation of some notes I took for the project ‘Codjumper Data’:
    Codjumper Data kladnotities.txt - Google Docs

    A more constructive setupdescription of ‘Codjumper Data’:
    Codjumper Data.docx - Google Docs

    As I look back to this I think March 2015 was the start of a period of a ‘gamingperspective-struggle’ towards codjump or a ‘codjumper-depression’ over a course of 2 years which eventually lead to the point right now of me quitting the game.

    An unhealthy obsession which should’ve stopped way earlier.