Current CJ-Team Situation

  • Dear 3xP' CJ-Team Members,

    As you may have noticed there has been a lot of bitching going on recently. Members are behaving immaturely and trolling in our forum and on the server.

    We have had problems with behaviour like this in the past, some of you may remember the Deathrun times which led to internal beef, and now it seems like the situation will repeat itself like it has in the past.

    We do not want this to happen!

    Handle arguments privately, not on the server or on the forum.
    We don't want toxic or insulting behaviour on our servers.

    This thread can be taken as a warning for some of our members, if we don't see an improvement in the situation, there will be consequences.

    Lets keep our small family as free of hate as possible.
    We think this is an important point in keeping this team and CoDJumper alive.

    Best regards,

    3xP' CJ Leadership