*Trusted player aplication* Check it out

  • I like how friendly you are :)

    Yeah I'm usually friendly but my patience is running out when it comes to you. You were told in the beginning to provide us your statspage, it took you 3pages of replies to even post your guid, cba to link.
    All of the pages are just full of Bullshit of you arguing and "unfriendly" people who are trying to help you, explaining over and over again what you need to do.

  • Lol please.. first of all check all of your behavors then try to judge me. I really dont care anymore. thought this guys is kind and logic. All of their problems is my stats, really idiotic logic. Just Closed..

    I have no problem with your missed statspage, but i do have with your attitude.

    Anyone can miss to provide something in an application but when someone remind you about it you should just post it instead of starting to argue about it.

    You don't have to understand why it's logic or not to add it but it's required to provide it so it has to be done even if you like it or not. There's just nothing to argue about.

    I wouldn't talk about bad behavior if I were you, everyone here was trying to help you but you refused to take that help.

  • I do not see any help from of you, only 1-2 persons. The rest just looking from other replays and keep goin the same way. As i said before iam here to help not to make trubles, i was able to leave UA servers and focus on 3xP and if there was posibility to run new mod to be responsable for it. I have enought time to take care a server , i just need a comunity hug from all of you. The only reason i did not noticed my statspage even if its asked is because all of my stats is again from zero. I will do agian this 60 houres thats not the problem , i'am just very disapointed for all this answers. Have a nice day

  • This doesnt make any sense anymore, so i just gonna end it.

    I think you maybe could have been a good addition to the team of trusted players, but with this 4 page discussion u lost all backing in the community.
    Maybe chill down stay active and get the ppl known better and then reapply