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    In-game Name: ASW/Blobo

    name: Alwin Brunk

    How old are you?:


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    What separates you from other applicants?:

    I am always cheerful and I don't procrastinate when it comes to making decisions that have to be made, I have the passion to be able to work everyday whilst always maintaining the servers.I consider myself quite patient when it comes to different types of people, I am able to understand the difference from an insult to a joke.I try my best to inspire and make other people as passionate about the game and the community as I.I am completely open minded when it comes to new rules and decisions that have/to be enforced by higher ranks.I have great communication skills when it comes to over coming a language barrier, defusing a tense situation or even making friends.

    What would make you a good addition to Vistic?:

    I will always bring a smile to everyone I play with I am always enthusiastic and positive is any situation given, I will always offer my skills inside the world of graphics,animation, motion design and 3D modeling. I like to think of myself as a good role model for new players that come my way as I never try to compare myself with anyone else -I always say to myself that everyone is as unique and kind as anyone ever can be. I am never one for lying, whether is may be wrong I am always honest to everyone,I consider myself generous in both physical and emotional traits as I always think of others before myself, some people think that's bad but it's
    who I am I am a consistently active on both the forums and in-game so I am always a message away and I never hold grudges against other people.

    Tell us about yourself (interests, hobbies, etc):
    I both professionally do motion graphics and animation, I have always loved to do it since I was little and only having a pen and paper, I was fortunate enough to be given a PC at a young agewhich enabled me to expand my mind and imagination inside the world of graphics. In my spare time I like to study "maths, English and science" I always have liked to challenge myself with mathematicsand even tried to learn calculus at the age of 14, 6 years later I am not completely comfortable in doing crazy equations. I have always striven to become a master of the language English even thoughmy grammar is far from perfect I managed to get my A-Levels in English which was one of my proudest moments of my life. I have been studying science since I was 12 even outside of school, I absolutely love astrology but I mainly study both quantum physics and quantum mechanics

    ASW/Blobo :):)