I have a ban, without playing even on the server.

  • Hey mirko/UFaced

    I can say, he's my friend from latvia(i even know him in real life). And he has got level 43 at the moment on Hide and Seek, with the key he has now, and which is not easy for new people on CoD4.
    He's not new but, he has lived in my house(other room), and he has used the same IP i have. He has downloaded CoD4 again, cause he knew i play it for a long time now and i will help him get known, teach him some spots, i also wanted to teach him strafe... I think you know 3xP' CoDJumper has the W,A,S,D pad shown up in specator mode. And as you know and by that, i think it would be easier for me and him to understand, and really teach him. But i can't do that, cause he has a ban on that key-code.
    He did changed his key-code and we were in the CoDJumper server. But it can be really risky and you can lose your lvl if you forget to change it :/

    I want to ask you mirko/UFaced, to unban him. But if some one else gets a ban with it - I will try to think of something else, so we can play on 3xP' Servers.
    He also liked the KTK a lot before and i think by that too he wanted to be unbanned. :3

    I will really love you guys, if you can give it a try :P