X - p l o z' S CJ Application

  • Hello , name in game X - p l o z , Real name Jihed ..I m 2 months away of 22 years old (30\01\1994)

    Im from Tunisia , i can speak frensh and english isnt that good thats what i though, but i can speak and communicate with people , i started cod 4 since 2014 (promod) after i started deathrun and while watching videos on youtube i

    find cj videos and i watch it until i found 3xp codjumper server and i started cj like 5 mounths ago and i play only on 3xp codjumper server .. finished propably all inter ways and some hard ways like descent v2 descent and im on

    way to finish all hard maps .. i dont know if its right or no but i feel i learn fast on codjumping .. im AFK right now and usually i join server to spect some skilled players to improve my skills on

    codjumping but ill get my pc in like 1 week and some days.

    Why i want join 3xp codjumper team : i meet a lot of good people who helped me anytime i need (special thank to 3xp' Hawk who put me on the right road of codjumping) and i
    wanna be a

    part of u if i could help any other players too not only this but i want be advanced player on Codjumper also i can edit some little movies but i dont have a really good pc to get a good quality

    . im freindly person speak with everyone help with what i can and i know .. im addicted to codjumper nowdays and i play like 16 hours on the day i just play nothing more and im not playing

    any other game or mod atm just cod4 (codjumper) also i found this on Mp_Beast Idk if its new or old one


    Gap record without Rpg 302 (125 fps)
    Gap record with Rpg 367 (125 fps)
    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details my stats when i play with my first key cod
    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details my stats since i dont have my pc and just specting and play some easy

  • nice to see your apply, funny vid ^^

    some tips for editing:

    use codtvmm mod for creating cinetmatics (lots of yt tutorials about this)
    use avidemo commands for recording and disable hud with cg_draw2d 0 (also lots of tutorials for that)
    use a moviecfg with filmtweaks

  • Thanks for your application , X - p l o z,

    Im quite surprised that you already have over 500 hours of playtime.
    You seem like a friendly person and you fullfill all requirements.

    codjumping but ill get my pc in like 1 week and some days.

    Does that mean you cant play right now for 1 more week?
    Because thats quite important, some people could get a wrong impression if you can
    only spec. It looks like you're farming hours.
    But since you have much more hours than needed, thats no problem.

    If you can play again and feel like you're ready for the test, then contact Viruz Drizz or me.
    You have my Yes so far.

    Best Regards,

    deleted User

  • Hello again , ill start exams monday so im sad to tell u that ill cant do the test atm .. my exams will take one week and half and i want let my application open if 3xp' Leaders dont have any prblm ofc .. i hope ull wait me and ill not get rejected ..thnx for ur attention and i hope u ansewr me :)