Cola's CJ Application

  • In-game Name

    My in-game name is Cola. I really like this name and beside that I don’t use any other names. Additionally, I use this name since I have started playing CoD 4.

    My Birthday
    My birthday is on twenty fourth of September 1995 (In short 24/09/1995), which tells that I’m 20 years old (Wish I could be younger haha :P).

    Hardest Maps Completed
    From the list of maps I probably played almost all of them and finished them all easy and most of them inter. However, as of the hardest one I completed were, mp_sunset, mp_dawn_v2. It is actually hard to tell which of them were the hardest as after completing them couple of times it becomes easy. Obviously I kept on struggling with some bounces on different maps even for quite long time, but there is always someone I can ask for help.

    Gap Record
    Ahh gaps, everyone hates them and I know it haha :P. Although, my best gaps I have done are 311 without RPG and 361 with RPG which I am kind of proud of as I improved them a lot.

    Languages and Country of living.
    The languages I can properly speak are English as of my first language and Polish. Also I know a little bit of Spanish, and in the future I wish I could learn and expand it a bit more as it is a great language. Currently, I live in United Kingdom – from where I come from, which is a beautiful place (and I do recommend visiting it :P).

    Why would I want to join 3xP' Clan
    As I have been playing on 3xP Codjumper server for a long time now and no other server, and I have been gaining many experience and became really good in bounces, glitches and others, I think I could pass this knowledge to others so that they can also become as good or even better and to help the server grow to the best. I really like the atmosphere which is based on the server. I am playing on 3xP server every day and there is no day that I am not helping people. There is always someone that needs help and when I see them asking for help I try to help, tell them everything I can, explain in details. I know some of 3xP members and talked to many of them, they are really great and helpful which I would appreciate to become one of them (Even there was those moments where one of them helped me with one bounce by which I could not complete the inter :P). In fact, they helped me a lot which I would also want to do to other players. Moreover, I like to help in any kind of case there is beside bouncing. Also I love to communicate with others, and want to give that fun and good part of me to the server.

    3xP’ Statistics Page
    3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    About Me
    Well, my real name is Patrick and I am a funny, friendly and helpful person that has many hobbies such as DJ-ing, gaming although I still spend a lot of time outside too, baking, gym and other sports, freerun and parkour, website development and design and programming and there are some more activities I really like to do.

    Past Gaming
    I have played many games since I was young, but with CoD 4 I got familiar about 6-7 years ago, although I started playing CoD series from their first released version (CoD 1). First I started to play Team Deathmatch in Cod4 but then I met some guy (who later on became my friend) called Fudge who taught me how to do elevators, after that I shared some contact with him so I can keep playing with him. Then he told me he is a leader of glitch/bouncing clan so I got more interested in glitching and bouncing and met his other friends from his clan. After like month I was invited to his clan and became one of their members (I was also hosting a server for them with stock maps but later on we moved to different maps). We’ve been practising glitches and bouncing for very long time and had good communication through Xfire. After few years, many members stopped playing so the entire clan finished playing. After that, I left CoD 4 without playing, however after a year maybe I came back and found 3xP’ server so I was happy that I can still play and do some bounces (Started playing from March this year so that’s almost a year). Today I am still playing on 3xP’ server and learned huge amount of techniques, knowledge and met loads of new friends. Beside CoD series I also played Battlefield 2 online, Counter-Strike, and some others but can’t remember as I usually played CoD :D . I also had my own server in CoD 4, and GTA SA where I programmed many scripts and maps.

    I have read all the rules listed and I AGREE that I will follow them.

  • Nice application mate :P

    You easily pass our requirement with 412.39 hours of online time on our server :D

    One question did u finished sunset and dawn_v2 inter or hard? if hard then gg :P if inter then i would recommend you to really start doing hardways because you really have the skill to do so, sunset and dawn_v2 inter are on the same difficutly or harder then some of the hardways like descent/descent_v2 or so you could really beat ways like this easily :D.

    Lets hear some other oppinions :D

  • Yes from me :)

    Very nice guy who are fun to play with, improved last time and learn pretty fast, friendly towards everyone and so on. To keep this short - A nice guy who's really easy to get along with.
    I'll also give you an extra +1 for the great app, might be the best one I've seen here :)



  • Thank you guys so much for the feedback, I absolutely appreciate it :)

    Also, forgot to mention my mp_galaxy test, so here it is: ofMCL6U.jpg


    One question did u finished sunset and dawn_v2 inter or hard?

    For now I have finished them inter, but I will start moving into hard ways. I have done mp_descent hard way and I am in the middle of mp_descent_v2 hard way so need to complete this as well.

  • Well THIS is one great application!

    Im not playing cj atm, but as i can see it from the others you seem to be a pretty nice guy. Definitly move on to make hardways, it will be a struggle, but inter doesnt help you :D.

    So Yes from my side. :)

  • Admirable application Cola, well done.
    I side with Ekiij and Viruz, if you really want to progress then you have to play hard only.
    In any manner, im going to give you my yes.

    Best Regards,

    deleted User

  • give us a way to communicate without being on the server, like 99% of cj guys use steam, but if u have something else be sure to give it here

  • #accepted contact me in steam when u are on the server for membersetting stuff :D