codjumper suggestion

  • I would recommend to add:
    Old school for few players or test other bhops which are impossible with non-os [Our server will stay complete nonos ;P] =im fine with that
    reload speed. [Faster]
    Skins if possible (because some cards are buggy enough like PNY GTX 760 smoke isnt visible.I have GTX 980 and tesla 4400 and I cant see half gun only) [do you have an example screenshot on how it looks? i never heared of that problem] = its only visible for me.if i capture its perfect.(no my files arent modified.too many people have this problem)
    cool skies xD [We already though about changing the sky on certain maps, but as this would change the mappers idea on how the map should look, so we decided to not change them on our servers]
    lower vote time. like 13 seconds or 15 just. or autovote time. [will come]
    thats all.

    (democratic thread) vote. sry 4fewmistakes

  • Hey Pandalien,

    thank you for your improvement ideas, i edited your thread with some notes ;P