Black Jesus' Movie Making App.

  • What do I wanna do?: Edit your bounce montages

    Although im not in the team i have to interrupt quickly.
    The only Bounce Montage series which is held on 3xP Channel is Some Bounces.
    I created the series Some Bounces over a year ago. Shortly after Drizzjeh participated and soon
    edited the series. Hes been doing an amazing job and i dont see any possibility of anyone else taking
    over the spot as main editor for Some Bounces.

    TL : DR
    Drizz is and will be the editor for that entirely.

    PS: If you create an entire new series (which will be hard ) thats another story.
    But keep in mind that creating a complete new Bounce Montage series will need new demos nowadays. Theres 3 big montages in the making. I dont think that theres enough source for a new one any time soon. So you might want to edit something else or smaller (<5min).

  • So should I make an application edit?

  • I really enjoyed watching your edits, specially the "Flow [Scrapped]" one was really nice :P.

    Your birthdate and your agreement that you read our youtube norms and applications process is missing, pls add it.
    3xP' Moviemaking Team Application Process [Read before apply]

    I would love to see an application edit from your side.
    Try to finish it in around 2 Weeks :)



  • Hey,

    looks nice! just a few things missing :P:

    You for got to add a video from our channel into the video preview of the endcard and to add the title text ontop of the video preview


    -15 seconds long.
    -Video preview in the box on the right.
    -Name of the video in the videopreview box, ontop of the preview box.
    -continue the music u used at end of the video, in the endcard.
    -Use Oxygen font for endcard texts

    After you done this pls upload the Video on an external uploading platform so we can upload it on the 3xP' Youtube channel :D.



  • just wanted to remember you to finish and upload your edit on an external, uploading platform

  • #Declined after you didnt not finish your application clip and it seems like your lost interest in our editing team.