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  • Hello guys, im drigger a.k.a Het (Thats my real name). I really wanna join 3xP in something and i think editing and moviemaking would be great. My birthdate is 12/04/1999.
    I want to join moviemaking crew because i believe i'll learn more with them. I'm not VERY professional in video editing but yeah, i use Sony Vegas Pro 11 and i have been working on it since a year now. I'm part of my cod 1.1 clan's youtube channel, but its new and we haveb't uploaded any videos yet. I have my own personal channel called eq drigger.

    Link to my channel:

    Here's a trailer of my upcoming montage:

    And yea after the trailer i've learnt a lot on sony vegas to make a professional montage.
    I'll edit clips of members of clans and maybe some tutorials.

    Thats all, Thank you.

  • Hellp dr1gger,

    nice to see your apply here, i took alook over your channel & videos, and from my point of view
    you are at the very beginning of your editing career. But we want to give you a chance to show your abilitys!

    So we want you to make an application edit exclusivly for the 3xP' Clan Channel as its told in the Application thread.

    After your video is uploaded we will also see what the community says to your works.

    Try to finish your Application edit in around 2 Weeks.



  • Read our Application process, its all written down there

  • Its clearly seeable:

    Your application edit have to fullfill our youtube norms, read our youtube norms, in there is clearly said what you have to use in your application edit.