Trusted Player Application UxG Sn1pErZ

  • I have decided to write this application because I feel like I could be a very good hand to the 3xp clan I play Deathrun alot I Rate my self out of 10 and i give my self a 7 I'm good a the game but not a pro, nether mind that some thing about me is my name is Morgan and I am 13 year old turning 14 in April, A would be good trusted player because I'm not mean also am friendly until it becomes serious, also I'm good with people so ill listen to what they have to say, I have never been rude to anyone I have only been banned once for name changing I don't know why I got that for but that is it.

    Overall I think that I would just like to be a part of the team for once it would just make my day so I hope I get accepted to the trusted player pls.

  • in general people which apply with tags in their name, mostlikely write the same kind of app and mostlikely get denied aswell....

    just sayin' since this is something which occures quite often hahaha

  • Don't judge yourself, I think it's wrong way (read: not needed in app). And obviously there is one problem ... Can u add more sentences to your app ? ;) For me it's too short. Ahhh and myself*, something* - it's by the way, don't take it for serious (everybody can make a mistake ofc). I don't want to insult u with my post here ;)

  • As we get verymuch trusted application, we decided to reject too short apps and decline apps with mission information instantly.


    Seems like u didnt read this before apply:…ges-READ-before-applying/…ion-Read-before-applying/