Minecraft Server 24/7 - Now Online

  • Hey Guys it´s a long Time ago since you heard something of us but now we finally finished: The Minecraft Server is now available and joinable!

    [headline]What are you going to see ?[/headline]A Freebuild World with a ChestShop and free Plots at the Mainworld + A Mining World so that you can get all your items faster.

    • A Creative World with an easy setup how to get a plot
    • A Minigames World with the follo#removed Gamemodes:
    • Hide and Seek
    • Survival/Hunger Games
    • Mobarena
    • Quake
    • Skyblock
    • Jumper (Big thanks to L33ch!)

    [headline]Who´s in the Team?[/headline]
    Mirko911 - Owner
    Rhisis - Admin
    L33ch - Admin
    IMaxwellI - Supporter

    [headline]What is/will be planned for the Future??[/headline]
    Now it´s your Turn.Join us and make sure to write a comment how you think it is
    we are always happy about Negative and Positive Comments so we can be even more better in the Future.

    Last but not Least:
    [headline]What´s The IP and On what Version will the Server be?[/headline]
    mc.3xp-clan.com is the IP and we use Version 1.7.9.

    [headline]Minecraft Server Inspiration?[/headline]

    Like I already said we hope that you will write some comments.
    Cheers Rhisis