Minecraft 3xP Server Rules

  • [headline]Here are our current rules of our Minecraft Public Server[/headline] (Here the link again:Minecraft Server 24/7 - Now Online)

    1. Flyhacks, Xray or other kind of hacks are absolutely forbidden!
    2. No sexual, homophobic or racism terms!
    3. No questions about OP or other high ranks (Application for clan membership please on our board section application)
    4. No 1x1 holes in our Main- or Mining world.
    5. The admin is the only one who decides about kick/ban/mute regulations. If you have problems with other players, take a screenshot and report him/them on our board.
    6. Be friendly and polite to other players to support lower problems, more Fun and more nicely gameplay for all.
    7. Advertisement on our server is absolutely forbidden, neither in private message or global chat!

    8. If u get annoyed by other Players just tell them to stop! The Same Thing belongs to the other side:If a player tells you to stop,Do that!
    Thesesare the rules (Update: 29.05.) of our Minecraft Server. I think, if allplayers use their soft skills, we all will have fun.

    The Password for our Minecraft Server Player Status is: drnudel123

    kind regards, Rhisis