Trusted Player Application - Ross

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    About me:

    age: 24

    country: England

    gaming history: been playing CJ for like 8 years (still trash), been playing on 3xp for at least 6 years, play loads of other crap can pm me on disc

    Why I want to be a trusted player:

    to ban everyone who disagrees with me lol, jk just to play a more active role in the community, and that sweet sweet trusted player login line, I can see it now `Welcome Trusted player Ross from United Kingdom to the 3xP' server`

    Ways to contact me:

    discord, here, ig, (best is probably disc)

    I've read and agreed to all that crap

    Additional info:

    Should probably add wanted to be member but too trash for that so trusted it is

    Also I actually bought the game so some random with same cracked key and GUID won't get trusted, like many times before


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