List with all commands for 3xP CJ server

  • Here is a list of useful commands on 3xP CoDJumper:

    Generel commands:

    !stats show - shows your playtime

    !time - shows the server time

    !ans - used to answer a question from server

    !coins - displays your coins and how many coins you need for the next progression rank

    !online - check if an admin/trusted member is online

    !cmdlist - lists all commands


    !load x - load to a specific save

    !profile - shows your own profile

    !c player1 (player ) / !compare player1 (player2) - compare two profiles or another profile with yours

    !challenges - opens the challenges menu


    !fov - set up your fov (96 is most common)

    !movespeed - moves the speedometer more centered

    !colour - changes the colour of font huds

    !d / !drawdistance - minimize the draw distacne (0 = disabled)


    !srstats - shows you your speedrun statistics

    !view mapname route - shows you the leaderboard for a specific map + route

    !saverun name - saves a speedrun

    !runs id - lists your runs on a map and loads a chosen one by its ID

    !r - restores a canceled run

    !reset - resets your current run

    !rp / !restoreposition - loads your last run

    !hax - toggles the haxfps. If disabled: game will load to last save if your fps aren't 125/250/333

    Player interaction:

    !spectate playername / !s playername - used to spectate a specific player

    !show playername - used to pause your run to help others

    !stop - used to continue a run after !show

    Feel free to add commands.