Removing !unban permissions of Member Rank / Release of Bunny from 3xP

  • Hi guys,

    we decided to remove the !unban command from the Member Rank, because we think its the best to let it up to the people who are familiar with the matter of the bancase.

    3xP' Bunny unbanned Baddy, and even after he got banned again, unbanned him again. cause he thought "he was banned because noob was being weird idk".
    So it looks like Bunny has a Problem with Noob, which i would have appreaciated to be solved otherwise then unbanning People behind the leads back.

    Just to let you know, if anyone of the CJ-Lead bans someone then u can be sure that Drizz, Funk, Noob and Me talked clearly about the case, mostly we spend like 2 hours or more before we come to a decision like this.

    So we do not rly have trust in Bunny left anymore, we do not rly think that he didnt know what hes doing.
    In our oppinion we think, that he simply didnt care about followups of his actions, and unbanned Baddy because he is in closer contact with him.
    Seems like both partys in this case think the same way, we dont have enough trust in Bunny anymore, and it seems like Bunny also do not want to be in the CJ-Team anymore.

    Bunny you are ofcourse still welcome on the 3xP' Server,
    but think we need to go diffrent paths.

    Have a nice day,