Leaving 3xP' - Skorpiik

  • Hello there! Yes, you read the title correctly, it's not a joke or anything, I actually want to leave this clan. The reason why is simple. I don't play the game anymore, so having the powers to fly on the 3xP' server is pointless, baiiii.

    Heheh, not really.
    On a serious note, there is many reasons why I decided to leave. I'll go over all of them:

    I used to love playing this game, but that's not really the case anymore. Whenever I look at what map is currently being played on my favourite servers, it's a map that I've played through at least 100 times. It has all become very repetetive and there is not enough new maps coming to balance it out.

    Another reason why is how high standards are for pretty much anything. If you want to make a montage, it has to be perfectly edited, filled with only new bounces and be as long as possible. If you want to make a map that the community would enjoy , you would have to make a map perfect in every way. And most importantly how high has the standard of skill become. To me it feels like you need to put in too much time and effort to be able to keep up with the best. It's just not worth the time anymore.

    And the last reason would be the codjumper community. It used to be the thing that would keep me motivated to play more and therefore improve. But now I'm so out of touch that I just stopped caring about what's going on in cj/3xP'.

    So yeah, that's it I guess. To everyone who still plays and enjoys this I have to say just keep going, this community will for sure stand strong for a long time. Bye

    Oh, by the way I'm not quitting cj entirely, because I know that it's impossible to just all of the sudden stop playing and never come back. I'm just not active enough anymore so might as well leave this clan. :)