Trusted Player Application - _INSANE_

  • Hello guys!

    My In-Game Name: _INSANE_

    My Actual Name: Marwan

    Age: 16 (Born on sep 24.1999)

    Country I Live in: Iraq

    Languages i speak: Arabic and English (not very good but I can communicate)

    My Stats Page : 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details

    Gaming History: Well I'm Playing Call Of duty 4 since 2008 befor call of duty 4 i was playing PS1 then i bought pc and i was love foot ball games so much! first game i played its Street soccer 2006 and i was love Strategy Games too Like Strong Hold Crusader. Since 2008 i started playing Cod4 it was a best game ever i played and since 2008 until this moment i playing cod4.

    The reason for this application i would like to be a part of this great family , and i saw a lot of player who is out of the line and being disruptive on the server and there no admins around to Kick/ban him.

    At last if there is any need to contact me [removed] OR u can pm me :)

    Note: I have Read and agreed to the rules and terms of being a Trusted Player.


  • If you have read this thread you should have known there wasn't any need for a facebook or skype link.
    CoD4 Trusted player application - Read before applying.

    3xp needs you to be active on the forum and/or ts3 so we can communicate with you and therefor a facebook or skype is not necessary.

    Now, for my judgment, I highly doubt your english quality, which needs to be at a centain level.
    No need for 100% perfection, but 60% atleast IMO.
    Just imagine there is someone in the server and you will get in an argument, will you be able to save yourself in this situation without the help of Google Translate?

    For now, my anwser is no unless you can prove that your english is infact on a 'good' level.

    Ps. not knowing about the facebook and skype isn't a good start....