[COD4] Red Mist Application (Steam: redmist)

  • Hello, my name is Kardo. I'm from Estonia (A small country in West of Russia and South of Finland). I'm 16 years old (12.01.2000). I just graduated in my home town Elementary School and will start studying in Tallinn Polytehnic under multimedia speciality (Web designing, HTML, C++ etc.). I got 2 little brothers (14 and 4 years old). My hobbie is to play football and videogames. I got 2 Bronze medals. 1st one I got in Japanese fighting style called Judo (July 2008) and other one is in football (Sohvik Cup, July 2016). At the moment me and my team are currently 2nd place in football leaderboard of Estonia people league B-Category.

    My gaming experience:
    I played a game named BeGone 9 years ago in our school pc class. My friend had great idea for making our own clan. He called it [KSR]. After that I started playing Call of Duty 4-5 years ago when I got my own laptop (Still use it, Lenovo T61p. Kinda rubbish but it's still enough). I was a member of clan named =AG=, I was about 1 year in that clan and one day they accused me of being hacker. And I got banned. Next clan was u|W|s where i also got banned for accused of being hacker in less than a month. After that i made own clan called UfG| (United for Gamerz. Had own Teamspeak and website but sadly was only member of it for whole time. Then I met [Ninja]Aura<3 who is owner of [Ninja]Kill the King clan. In that clan i was about 1 year and in that time i was promoted to 2nd highest rank of the clan with almost all possible powers in server (From member to Admin. There were only 4 admins. Aura and $ilver$urfer were Masteradmins, me and BazZa were Admins). I was Admin till January 2016 when I wasnt so active in [Ninja] and got demoted from Admin to Moderator (2 ranks down) and bcuz i was helping my friend named Temate from his KtK server, Aura demoted me to member (2 ranks more downhill) and when I was aiding Temate with skins to his server Aura got so pissed and even banned me :P . While i was still a Moderator in [Ninja], I met gENZ from CAR community. I was pretty quickly accepted to that community family. In there i met a lot of cool guys like LonelyKM, Amnesia (both members of 3xP), OrK!DeA, Dova (who I knew a lil' bit in [Ninja] as the skins maker with me, Wifi<3 , Axecuted (who i taught how to make skins) and Soulcore). And after CAR Community died in Spring 2016 (Me and OrK! were basically only ones who tried to keep CAR alive with servers we tried to keep up and the Teamspeak) I renamed my UfG| clan to [TFG] (Trained Force Gamerz, It comes from my old Steam account named Trainedforcegamer). Made new website and Teamspeak (website is still online but teamspeak was deleted in June). I met Cean John Solomon (Known for CeanJohnGaming in Facebook) in either Amnesia or xM Deathrun server (quite dont remember) and then I was a part of #APR# Clan (I was until this month. Left bcuz we didnt do anything cool, no servers etc.)
    I know a little bit about mapping and if you beg me i will try make hns, RotU-R, Promod and Deathrun mods. I can always help and give few tips about making skins in CoD4 and make HTML code files
    All my Identities i have used and still use: Sgt.Ezarik (=AG=, [KSR]), Hero (u|W|s, UfG|), Peeter, AfricanDruglord, African ([Ninja]), Laura<3 ([Ninja]), Druglord (CAR), Red Mist ([TFG], #APR#), Olof Kajibjer

    Best way to contact me:
    Steam: Click here!
    Teamspeak: Red Mist
    CFGFactory: Click here!

    I hope you accept me as a member of 3xP
    Best Regards,
    Red Mist