Unknown player on the private server

  • Heyo guys, I have been trying to get some clips lately, and everytime I join the private server there is this guy afking called: rmt.
    I already asked HawK if he knew him and he said he did not. He also mentioned that drizz saw him too and thinks he has multiple accounts.

    I checked his aliases too, those were: elie, rmt and rcct_rmt. As member I cannot do a lot about it then just kick him. But I think we should maybe change password or if you guys have another solution.
    Here is his stats page: 3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details. It might be that he's is farming hours.

    ~ Bunny

    [2017-07-25 17:17:37] Funk Attack: bunny called u weak for only giving 30min ban
    [2017-07-25 17:17:46] 3xP' AlterEgo: can you ss it