3xP jump server's biggest issue

  • Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you what I think the biggest problem with the 3xp jump server is, which is the map rotation.
    Besides mystic, palm, descent, and galaxy, which are played 95% of the time, I think the server misses MANY MANY good maps.

    I don't mean to offend anyone who worked on the map rotation, but I'm not gonna lie, I often go on other jump servers just to play differents maps, as it gets really boring to just play these maps.

    So, here is a list with good maps that I think could be added, even though it probably misses many maps :

    mp_portal :love:
    mp_sonic :love:
    mp_space [already in]
    mp_bone [already in]
    mp_architektur [already in]
    mp_eb_bouncer1 [already in]
    mp_space [already in]
    mp_destroyed [already in]
    mp_oerba :thumbup:
    mp_nevada [already in]
    mp_islands [already in]
    mp_more_backlot_fun [Freeroam map]
    mp_mines_of_moria [causes dl loop on our server]
    mp_legacy [already in]
    mp_mayan_ruins [already in]
    mp_fly [already in]

    CJ is dying, and we need maps variation, who likes to play the same maps over and over again anyway ?

    Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and also an improvement suggestion, I know many people like the actual rotation and stuff.

  • @LonleyKM Not all cj maps are in the rotation because alot of them are really shit and will cause alot of guys to disconnect

    @Tayzer Yea we also see this problem since long time, it no problem to add most of the maps from your list, the only point is which we know from the past, adding maps to the rotiation mostly dont bring people to play them, people will still vote galaxy and palm again and again ^^

    Ill have a talk with drizz today about your list and which we will and which we wont add.

    some of the maps u said were alot of times in the rotation and also go removed alot of times, mostly some of them are this typical Oneway map & starting with an rpg gap or so, which will cause alot of guys to not even get the first jump, so they leave or will vote as soon as possible for galaxy or so, thats why we removed them, but tbh why not readding them again :P

  • @Drizz Thank you :saint:

    @Viruz Thank you, of course we can try, but if you say that most of these maps used to be in the rotation and that people was still voting palm and mystic, then I'm afraid there is nothing we can really do about that.
    However, in the worst case scenario, you can still add good maps that have at least 2 ways in the rotation, i'm sure there are at least a dozen of them that are not in the rotation, but if people will still vote mystic and palm, I guess it doesn't really matter.

    Well we can try if you want, it's up to you. :)

    I also realize now that some maps in my list are already in the rotation, it's funny because I never played any of them in the server.

  • I agree with you Tayzer.
    The problem with map variation is that it has its good sides but also very bad sides.
    First of all, people like easy maps where they can just 'chill out' and spend some time.
    Theres many maps who start with jumps that require skill, which is above the average.
    Having these maps running causes a player loss, so we avoid that.

    But running only the maps like palm etc, causes playerloss as well, just not instantly.
    I would be pretty happy if someone could come up with a decent rotation of maps that features everyone preferences.
    And by that i dont mean a list of "good" maps, i mean a list of maps you'd actually play / try to play through.
    And to be honest, i dont think this is gonna work while people have the freedom to vote for any map.
    We could try a fix rotation, which will change to the next map at a 100% rate,
    unless people extend the current map.

  • @deleted User You are right, put a map like ib glass and very skilled players will complain, while average players will be happy, and put a map like mp_oerba and "skilled" players will have fun, whereas regular players will be stuck on first jump.

    As you said, the best thing we can do for this is to find a good balance between that, choosing maps that has several ways if possible, and if not, it has to please everyone of course.
    I think maps like portal, sonic, pigi, yo_v1, windsor_p etc... have only 1 way but should be fun for pretty much everyone, although I might be wrong.

  • So Viruz and me had a 3hr session on the private server testing some of the maps you have in your list.
    The following maps have been added:

    map mp_ib_glass_v3
    map mp_sonic
    map mp_4gf_jump
    map mp_vertigo
    map mp_tower_nOs
    map mp_fussaids_v1
    map mp_skypia_v1
    map mp_devine
    map mp_insane
    map mp_windsor_p
    map mp_islands_v2
    map mp_organic_future
    map mp_polar
    map mp_lost_parts
    map mp_herba
    map mp_mass_effect
    map mp_masyaf
    map mp_windsor_bay
    map mp_lavajump_v2_nos
    map mp_empire
    map mp_oblivious_v2
    map mp_oerba
    map mp_woodland
    map mp_fortress
    map mp_minecraft

    The other Maps have either already been on the server or simply not fun to play (mp_skybounce for example)

    I hope u guys like the changes.
    Stay Sexy

  • sadly it seems like the maprotation is so long that i dont gets displayed properly, so nearly all of the added maps dont get displayed atm :/, gonna search a way to fix it