[Advise] Advanced bind for special fps

  • Hi everyone,

    EDIT // : Normal Codjumper maps are designed for the use of 125/250/333 only. using 142/166/500 for completing the map on the normal way is considered cheating.
    Use this fps only for shortcuts and please dont encourage NEW player to use special fps, because they have to learn it the LEGIT way with 125/250/333 first.

    So this thread is meant for CJ Player who are a little experienced and have struggle with
    fps binds for 142 166 500 and every USEFUL combination of them.

    Since most montage-worthy clips are based on lets call them hax fps, its really annoying if you dont use bind in binds.
    The idea is to have one key which binds toggle binds on another key. If you dont use that you'd have to bind every combination
    of hax fps to 1 key which means that you would have around 10-12 fps keys.
    I guess noone wants to have 12 fps switch keys.

    An example for a bind in bind:

    /bind mouse5 bind mouse2 toggle com_maxfps 500 333

    Now you might think that its only possible to bind 1 bind to another key.
    Thanks to 1804 i have a big script which allows me to have 9 combinations of hax fps bind to 1 key.

    What does it do?

    If you're done installing it to your cfg, it will look like this:

    You will have one key which you can press to change combinations on another key.
    For me its like this:

    If i press mouse5 the script applies a new bind to my right mouse button.
    This is the order of binds which get set to my mouse2 when i keep pressing mouse5:

    125 fps
    142 - 333 fps toggle
    142 - 500 - 333 fps toggle
    500 - 333 fps toggle
    166 - 333 fps toggle
    166 - 142 - 333 fps toggle
    166 - 142 - 500 - 333 fps toggle
    166- 500 - 333 fps toggle
    and finally normal aim (default right mouse button bind)

    How do i install it?

    (Attention! Complete script is written for MOUSE2, if you wanna get your binds on another key,
    replace all MOUSE2 with your custom key.)

    You will have to paste this into your config_mp:

    1. seta fps_1 "^0[^2FPS=125^0];bind MOUSE2 com_maxfps 125;set fps_hax vstr fps_aim"
    2. seta fps_43 "^0[^2FPS=142/333^0];bind MOUSE2 toggle com_maxfps 142 333;set fps_hax vstr fps_643"
    3. seta fps_453 "^0[^23FPS=142/500/333^0];bind MOUSE2 toggle com_maxfps 142 500 333;set fps_hax vstr fps_1"
    4. seta fps_53 "^0[^2FPS=500/333^0];bind MOUSE2 toggle com_maxfps 500 333;set fps_hax vstr fps_63"
    5. seta fps_63 "^0[^2FPS=166/333^0];bind MOUSE2 toggle com_maxfps 166 333;set fps_hax vstr fps_43"
    6. seta fps_643 "^0[^2FPS=166/142/333^0];bind MOUSE2 toggle com_maxfps 166 142 333;set fps_hax vstr fps_653"
    7. seta fps_6453 "^0[^2FPS=166/142/500/333^0];bind MOUSE2 toggle com_maxfps 166 142 500 333;set fps_hax vstr fps_453"
    8. seta fps_653 "^0[^2FPS=166/500/333^0];bind MOUSE2 toggle com_maxfps 166 500 333;set fps_hax vstr fps_6453"
    9. seta fps_aim "^0[^1Aim^0];bind MOUSE2 +toggleads_throw;set fps_hax vstr fps_53"
    10. seta fps_hax "vstr fps_aim"

    and finally the button which you will press to get your binds set to (in this case) MOUSE2:

    /bind YOURKEY "vstr fps_hax"

    Now you have all useful combinations of advanced FPS bind to 1 key and you can keep switching them with another key,
    instead of having 12 single binds.
    I hope this was easy to understand and it helps someone saving their time with useless bind-switching.

    Best regards,

    deleted User