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    -Your Ingame Name


    -Your hardest Map you finished out of this list

    mp_galaxy and mp_mystic_v3 from the list, and some more difficult recently made maps

    -Your gaprecord with and without rpg

    371 rpg, no idea about norpg

    -Languages and country

    I speak English and live in the United Kingdom

    -Why you want to join 3xP' Codjumper-Team

    I'd love to join because since starting cj in 2017 this has been pretty much the only place i've played. A combination of my activity on the server and getting on well with everyone (members and non-members) makes me feel like it's the right thing to do since I'm always on!

    3xp Stats


    -More about me

    My real name is George, I'm originally from Birmingham in the UK (lol). I've lived and breathed skateboarding since i was 10. Catch me at a dnb rave any given weekend

    -Gaming past
    The first game i properly fell in love with was Gears of War on the 360 back in 2006, I played at a competetive level on GOW3 and GOW4 for a number of years up until May 2018 when I lived in France.

    -Write an Agreement that you will follow this rules and agree with them and that u read them:

    I have read and understand the rules and agree to adhere