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    God nice for this app x) i like it and ive play with u at few time and like ur personn so for me if i can, i say YES :D

    Thank youuu , J'adore!!

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    samezeez bro

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    Hey, nice app! Contact one of the leads when you're ready to do the test. Good luck :)

    Thanks! I'll be sure to do that :D

    Easiest no ever, man's a pick and never helps anyone. I hate this motherfucker so much its unbelievable. Honestly this guy is worse than those people burning their Nike shoes.
    Jk he's actually one of my favorite people on the server and I think he would be a great fit for the team as he's active, helpful and polite.

    He a lil ugly tho..

    NIGGUH , you had me at the ugly part. I didn't even read what u said b4 ayyy . ilyyy

    Hello Everyone,
    I've been wanting to apply for a while now, but took some time to work on myself and improve more and get to know the members ^^.

    Ingame Name: EaZy

    Birthdate: 26th of May 2000

    Hardest Map you finished: till now mp_palm_v2 & mp_dark but I'm working on finishing some other maps.

    Gaprecord with and without rpg: Who does gaps in 2018 8o . I think 310 w/o and 365 with rpg (not really sure since i'm not very fond of gaps :D)

    The Languages u are able to talk: English & Arabic

    Country: Egypt, yea shocker I know. Most people probably didn't know that since my IP shows Unknown in the server :feelsbad:

    Why you want to join 3xP' Codjumper-Team:
    COD4 CJ is like the only thing I do in my free time nowadays. I'm active on the server and enjoy playing there (literally the only serv i play on), and I like to think that I'm quite helpful to the players in need. Plus, I really like the community, and I've met most of the members, which are pretty friendly and amazing people btw. I also like to believe that I'm in good terms with most of them and made quite a few good friends :P. In addition to all that, I believe that 3xP is one of the few reasons that CJ is alive till now, and I would like to be a part of that!

    3xP' Statistics Page: Apparently I've got multiple pages because I changed pcs alot (0bfd3645 , 5c78819b)

    Steam Profile link:(76561198138937595)

    A bit about myself: My name is Omar, I live in Egypt and I'm 18 years old. I consider myself a pretty tall dude 189 cm (around 6'2 in retarded units). I enjoy most sports but I prefer playing football and swimming the most. I also enjoy music (mostly hip-hop) that Em album was FAYAAAR tho. Most of my life I studied in Saudi Arabia , but I've moved back to my home country for university (I'll start first year in 2 weeks wish me luck ^^ ). Started working on myself last year and got in shape (just in time for summer :thumbsup: ). In my freetime, I play on my pc. Mostly CJ but sometimes GTAV.

    Something about your gaming past (Other Clans u were in, games u played etc.): I started playing COD4 with my friends(mostly promod) then I got bored and started looking for other gamemodes, That's when i found deathrun and I fell in love with it. But ofcourse, by time my interest decreased and people stopped playing as much and I found CJ to be more competitive (which is more my style :D). I joined the CJ scene around 2012. I started playing in Styx CJ server, and when they got inactive "rip styx" I looked for other servers and the top search and the most active was 3xP. I started playing in 3xP eversince.

    Other games i used to play:
    Rocket League , CS:GO , Garry's Mod , Just Cause 2 , Left for Dead , Paladins , Payday 2 , Rust , League Of Legends. also some other Single player games and some on console.

    Write an Agreement that you will follow this rules and agree with them and that u read them:
    You have been accepted in 3xP' CJ-Team [Read]
    General Server Rules [Read]
    Premade ban reasons you should use [Read]
    Rulebreaker Punishment [Read]

    Sorry for the long ass application, but I got carried away writing it :D . Thanks for taking the time to read it.

    I know it is still in beta stage , but from what I've seen so far the mod is amazing. It looks really promising and has a lot of new features that I haven't seen in any other CJ mod.
    Thanks to everyone who've worked on this mod and thanks for releasing it.

    when you shoot again on RPG Sustain (or hold left click) while the bullet is away, it will switch to your secondary, as you dont have ammunition for a short amout of time to prevent double rpgs. Sadly its not possible to make it like it was in our current Mod version, as this would take 2 weaponfiles for each rpg skin, which would exteed limits of cod.

    That's sad , I really liked how it was in the current mod.

    Thanks for the update and heads up though ^^

    First of all, thanks for the new mod looks promising.

    There was this one thing tho , whenever you use rpg sustain the rpg shoots 1 time and then switches back to deagle (usually when u hold mouse1 or press it again in shoot time) just like when a gun gets empty .

    It also "breaks" if you use it in rpg sustain mode and then fire then switch to normal mode . the rockets disappear and wont come back and the rpg doesn't work anymore. FIXED

    shoutout to enterblyat1337 for first noticing this thing.

    link to desired profile's 3xP' Stats page: in deathrun (3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details) in cj (3xP' Statistics ~ « Player Details)

    picture or video evidence : i may have taken a picture but i dont know where the ss are saved.

    reason for lost rank/levels: i played in singleplayer ( devmap) and i didn't know that it would restart my level.

    desired scheduled time for restoration or time of availability (Remember to note the time zone as some admins, like myself, are from different time zones!): im almost online everyday on your servers :)