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    Hello I am Vector, but my name is Muhamed And my ingame name is Vecto and I am from Sudan and I am 16 years old my guid(last 8 digits or if you prefer 32 i can give you) f057be28.

    I've never been admin nor trusted in a server before and it would be cool for me to be trusted on one, i have played on many servers before but never found one as good as this one and I've been playing allot with people and I got to know most of people including many FeZe clan members and I am known for being nice with people(in server and in real life) and you can ask many people about my behaviour :) and I have read all the trusted/cod4 conditions & rules I've NEVER broken a rule before and I am able to handle power with my level of maturity and I give you my word that I will not misuse my granted power.

    I am mostly active when most admins are asleep and that gives a perfect opportunity to detect and eliminate hackers while admins are asleep meanwhile its yet morning here on Sudan I play almost on all of 3xp server and have them all Favorited on my CoD4 I have 7 hours of gameplay because I was inactive lately because I had to do some things in my real life.

    Now I am completely active and can be found most of the time on your servers and I will be available at TS( if you want to contact me :)



    <p>Adding a :D to &quot;from USA&quot; is a totally untoleratable behavior? Are you serious?<br />
    You said that &quot;most americans are fat/bad&quot;, not him (ik that you're joking here though).


    <p>I know but since he said From USA he means that USA is full of bad people and stuff, but it is true since there is mcdonald/ KFC most people eat food that have high colarioes in USA and i'm not sort of meaning that the entire USA is bad, nah&nbsp;</p>

    Yeah they seem to be rule breakers but you should'nt have kicked him like how @Sheep_Wizard Stated because USA is not a race, but he was refering that must americans are fat/bad by saying from "From USA :D" that is totally untoleratable behavior from trusted players.

    Hello 3xp My real name is called Muhamed, I am from sudan I am 16 years old I just installed COD4 on PC a couple hours ago but I've started playing the series since MW2 and I started playing today on your servers, I like 3xp very much already so i've decided to get to know some 3XP admins and make some new friends on this community. Nice to meet you! :)
    I like watching animes and playing soccer with people my favorite animes are fullmetal alchemist and Death not if you haven't checked them out yet do it, you won't regret it. ?(