Cyam - Trusted application

  • My real name: Mislav

    Age: 23

    Country: Croatia

    In-Game Nick: Cyam

    Gaming history: I was always big fan of COD4 (HC servers, promod servers and nowadays only CJ). I also enjoy single player games like Bioshock, Skyrim, Mass effect trilogy, Dragon Age etc.

    Contact: My discord is YungGravy#5201

    About me and why I want to join trusted: Well, my name is Mislav and I'm 23 years old from Croatia. I have major in school of economics, but decided to not attend college as I've found success in online businesses. I spend majority of my time working online, investing my money and researching new ways of making cash. I'm especially good at graphic design and softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects and recently I've been learning front-end development too.

    Other than that, at the end of each day I love to come to 3xP CJ server to talk with people and grind inter levels. This is by far the friendliest server I've came across and main reason I'm still on CJ is because of the community. I'm pretty sure most of you know who I am so I don't need to explain my skill level (I'm mostly an inter player hoping to become good one day). I also love to help players although I'm not sure if that's something many of you have noticed. I'm aware that I might be denied because sometimes I might come off as a troll, but in 99.99% of cases I mean no harm.

    My stats:

    Cheers and big shoutout to all 3xP members who have been so friendly to me! :)