CoD4, CoD4X, 3xP and VAC

  • Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could fill me in on bans while playing on CoD 4 servers these days specifically 3xP's servers. As far as I understand the game itself doesn't support VAC at all and it was only introduced in MW2.

    That being said I don't understand the whole MW3 dedicated server workaround, someone told me it's to allow Steam verification for more players who don't own the Steam version of CoD 4. I presume the dedicated server client doesn't support VAC even though the game itself does?

    I'm asking because sometimes when I see people in the server, mostly 3xP members and I look up their Steam profile a lot of them have recent-ish VAC bans. Hopefully someone who knows everything about the game and has been playing for a long time can let me know, thank you.