CJ Team Applicatiom

      CJ Team Applicatiom

      -Your Ingame Name: Possible

      -Your Birthdate: 5-11-1997

      -Your hardest Map you finished out of this list: descent 1&2, shade, futurama,dark

      -Your gaprecord with and without rpg : not sure. I never really tried to improve my gap record

      -The Languages u are able to talk & The country in which you life: I live in Arizona, USA and only speak english

      -Why you want to join 3xP' Codjumper-Team: Ive wanted to join the team since i started playing cj so I started as Trusted player back in February 2018. I have a lot of motivation to become a better jumper and my skills been improving everyday thanks to the team :love:

      -Your 3xP' Statistics page profile link:

      -Your Steam Profile link: Steam Community :: Possible

      -more about myself: My real name is Hunter! I live in Arizona Usa and I am 21 years old. I work on a traveling carnival on the maintenance crew working on the companies rides/trucks., I Haven't made plans for college yet and im really not sure if i ever will. I love coming home after work to have a smoke and sit down at my computer :P

      -Write something about your gaming past : I been playing video games all my life. I grew up on the game cube and xbox360 before switching to pc back in 2015. Alter Ego invited me to join NH' Team back in April of 2016 and I been part of that team until very recently.

      -Write an Agreement that you will follow this rules and agree with them and that u read them: I have read all the rules and I agree to follow them.