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    3xP Member Application

    Games: CoD4 CJ

    Why do i want to join:

    Since I started to play CJ (which was in early 2014 or very late 2013) I played 90 percent of the time on 3xP Servers and kept coming back because I liked the Server the most out of all possible (Styx 110 4gf etc).
    It would be also cool if more people would join to build 3xP's own CodJumper team.
    I talked about that with Viruz and came to a decision finally.
    I see good chances to build a little team and maybe grow bigger in near future. People seem to be friendly as well so I have no serious problem with anyone.

    I can also only provide a Gametracker link instead of regular Stat's link: 3xP' Codjumper [cod4] Call of Duty 4
    (If you scroll down a little you can see the Top 10 Players)

    Other Skills:

    I have been mapping since 4-5 Months now I think and I plan to do a really sick cj map with 9 different ways. Unfortunately I have been facing the engine's limit lately so I have to figure out how to bypass that.


    I have played CSS in the ESL for a short amount of time and I have no intentions to ever play again. I dislike max tryharding alot.

    Extra info + stuff i want to improve / provide:

    Im VIP on the CJ-Server and i have to say that it seems impossible to really 'help' all people out.
    I dont consider saying FPS actual help. Helping takes ages because FPS arent 10% of making the Jump.
    We have to figure out how to support new player to bind them to the server.
    Maybe a big tutorial on the 3xP Youtubechannel would help (this would take months to produce tho).
    But these are things that I would enjoy to do as a member, because Cj should be played to actually play the map and not run a customer service 24/7.
    Of course people still will get help but I have no intentions to guide 7 guys through the entire map every day.
    I dont know if that fit in the Application but thats what i wanna work on and it seemed to suit here.

    I would also provide CJ videos together with Pies,Pawz and Drizzjeh and maybe new people, which you could use to promote CJ.

    Thanks for reading all of this stuff.

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    I think there's not much need to mention that this is a pretty great app :thumbup:

    Edit: @mirko I still can't "like" anything when I'm on firefox btw ^^

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    100 % Yes from me :D,

    The idea with the big youtube tutorial is a great idea, i thought about this and i know that there are no good tutorials! But we could make a series where we explain a little thing in every video
    from easy to advanced

    you are mature active & helpful thats the reason why you have VIP on my codjumper,

    I would really like to welcome you in 3xP!

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