Sticky CoD4 Trusted player application - Read before applying.

    CoD4 Trusted player application - Read before applying.

    Hi there!

    If you're willing to become a trusted player, you've come to the right place ;)

    Some months ago it had been decided that trusted player wasn't a rank someone could apply for. It was up to the admins to decide which players were worthy enough and could fit the role, and set them to this rank without an application (Note: this method is still in effect).

    However, since there are only a few admins still playing CoD4 now and then, it's sometimes hard for certain players to get to be known and to have the chance to prove they can help and deserve the trusted rank.

    That's why from now on, any player meeting the requirements can apply to become trusted player.
    This way, we will be able to gather all opinions from our members and other players of our community about the applicant, and decide accordingly whether to accept him or not.

    The requirements are:

    - Have an overall playtime of over 60 hours on our servers.*
    - Have a friendly and respectable behavior.
    - Know how to handle some power.
    - Being able to write an application that is understandable and hasn't got 2 spelling mistakes per word :D

    In your application you will provide:

    - Your player stats page link for each 3xP' server you've played on.** You can find them here: 3xP' Statistics ~ All about your gameplay « Search, by entering your GUID (or your name) in the search field.
    - Some information about you. Age, country, gaming history, etc.
    - Why you want to be trusted player.
    - Ways to contact you (at least one way. I prefer xfire (Xfire is dead since June 2015), but you can also join our TS3 server when you play on 3xP' servers. Otherwise, you'll have to check our forums at least once a week, so we can contact you via PM if needed).
    - A statement saying that you read and agreed with all these rules/threads:

    Additionally, write anything you think can help us to know you better, or make us choose you ;)

    Your thread title will have to look like this: Trusted Player Application - YourName (Example: Trusted Player Application - UFaced)

    *Possible exceptions
    Some exceptions might be made, but if you don't have anything outstanding to say, don't bother applying if you have less play time than stated above.

    **Stats pages - Example
    For instance, here are my stats pages for the ktk and dr servers:
    - 3xP' Statistics ~ All about your gameplay « Player Details
    - 3xP' Statistics ~ All about your gameplay « Player Details

    If you've played on 5 different 3xP' servers, you need to provide 5 different links.

    Looking forward to hearing from you ;)

    Note: You can be set back to default player without further notice if you misuse your powers. But there's no way that's going to happen, right? :P

    Note 2: If you wish, you can put TxP' in front of your name to show you're part of the trusted group.

    Note 3: If you used different CD-kɘys while playing on our servers, you'll have more than 1 stats page for each of our servers.

    Note 4: New trusted player ranks exist. Check here for more info. You can apply in the Trusted player applications section when you reach the requirements. You can write whatever you want in it, but nothing is really required except your player's stats page. Basically just open a thread so that other people can give their opinion about your promotion.

    Note 5: If your application is rejected, you have to wait at least 6 weeks before being able to apply again.

    Before applying, make sure that you're known on the server by at least a few members or trusted players. It will help you a lot, because as I myself play CoD4 very rarely now (as well as other admins), I won't be able to judge your in-game behavior. If your application is incredibly nice and good, I will maybe accept you without external feedback, but if it's just average, like most other applications, I'll need feedback from people I trust.
    If no one gives feedback on your app, it's very likely that we won't be able to accept you in the trusted group. Your application may remain open for several weeks though, so you have the time to gather feedback if needed.

    Any problem with a 3xP' server (server down, download loop,...)? - Feel free to mention it in the shoutbox so an admin can take care of it.

    3xP' TS3 IP: | Click here to directly join it.

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